I have always been interested in photographing feet and shoes. Don’t know why.

Bollard with feet

About to fall asleep? 😉

high heels

Believe it or not, a pretty old woman was wearing those!


I wonder who would have left those on a construction site

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12 thoughts on “Footwear

  1. Ha! I like these a lot, Claude. I was recently at an art exhibit and one theme was photographs of people on cell phones. It was quite intesting to see how many people were talking away individually yet standing as a group, waiting for something (bus, etc.).

  2. I always liked the fairy tale “The Shoemeker and the Elves” about the kindly shoemaker who fell on hard times and the elves came secretively in the dead of night to finish up his shoes.

  3. These are great! Please share more of your feet and shoe photos with us.

    There is a Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto that you would probably really like too.

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