Wednesday Window: more mirrors


In an email, Ronni Bennett suggested exploring the theme of mirrors and reflections, just as I have explored and am still exploring the theme of squared circles.
Well, it so happens that I do have quite a few photos involving mirrors and /or reflections. Here’s one I took last week when visiting with my friend Sarah, at Chaumont-sur-Loire, where they have wonderful gardens.

Chaumont-sur-Loire, with Sarah

With Sarah, at Chaumont-sur-Loire

The mirror was a small part of the various ornaments on this fake tree

Fake tree with photos and mirrors

photos hanging from the ‘branches

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: more mirrors

  1. I love reflected pictures…sometimes it’s hard to figure them out. I read your blog a lot but sometimes I seem to have trouble commenting…so I’m glad I got through this time. All the best.

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