Wednesday Window: yummy waffle


Waffle / gaufre
Tasty memory of good times in Bénerville

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: yummy waffle

  1. There was a time when I’d get only waffles when I’d eat breakfast out….I just love them. You’ve sparked my love for waffles again Claude….mmmmm. Take care sweet friend…

  2. I love good waffles every now and then. We used to make them in San Francisco with an old (very old) waffle iron that we didn’t keep when we moved (it was electric).

  3. My dessert last night at a French restaurant in Santa Fe, a big special menu for Wine and Chile weekend, looked not like your photo here, but like the one on your French blog.

    xoxoxo (means kisses – x – and hugs – o)

  4. I love waffles like the one in your photo, but how to find a good recipe beats me. I have a cheap waffle iron and would invest in a better one if I could find a good recipe, any ideas would be appreciated. I used to eat at The Waffle House in Norwich (UK) which is a very special restaurant in an exceedingly special small city, here my favourite waffle was a cheese waffle topped with bolognese and amongst the range of dessert waffles, my favourite was walnut waffle just with ice cream and of course real maple syrup. If anyone reads this is within a days travel of Norwich – go try out the Waffle House (fresh fruit milk shakes too never to be forgotten)!

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