Dancing in Paris


Please welcome Toli from Absolutely Awesome, my guest poster.

Techno Parade 2007 @ Paris > I'm A Poser, Take My Picture And now for something totally different! Have you ever heard of t.c.k.? The latest French dance craze spreading quicker than a ray of light among teenagers. T.c.k. for Tecktonik. A mix of hip hop, break dancing, techno and a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi! An absolute phenomenon. TV shows, newspaper articles, YouTube and Dailymotion videos are growing fast. Tecktonik appeared in France in 2000 in nightclubs. And it invaded the 2007 Paris Techno Parade, which took place last month. As I just love taking photos, I decided to attend this annual dance music street carnival without imagining I would witness such a trend : futuristic haircuts, slim-fit jeans, arms moving super energetically and quick foot movements. I took over 500 photos : a mix of young people from different backgrounds, from the suburbs, from middle classes and beyond.
Here is my favourite photo in the album:
this old couple on a bench just watching the party-people go by. I was getting ready to take a photo of them, when the teenagers jumped on the bench and started dancing. I just had time to take one photo. Here it is.
Don’t you just love it? 😉

Techno Parade 2007 @ Paris > Younger/Older Dance Party

(Note from Claude: I wish I had taken that photo)

Techno Parade Paris 2007, Sept. 15
Over 300 photos of tecktonik boys and girls invading the streets of Paris

Jey-Jey’s video on Youtube seen over 2.7 million times!
A must-see to understand tck

A Cause des garçons, Yelle

So, next time you’re in the heart of Paris, near the Pompidou Centre or Les Halles; if you spot groups of teenagers dancing in teams, you’ll know what it is all about. Tecktonik Killers!

Techno Parade 2007 > Tecktonik Killer

My 347 photos on Flickr

  1. The Official Tecktonik site

Thanks to Claude for inviting me on her blog.
Toli, at Absolutely Awesome


8 thoughts on “Dancing in Paris

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  2. Wow…this is utterly amazing!
    And the first photo was priceless…the poor, bewildered, couple…surrounded by the epitome of LIFE. It was great.
    And thanks for explaining this…because when I’m in Paris next week, if I see this….at least I’ll be “in the know.”
    Looking forward to seeing you Friday evening!

  3. Wonderful! I could not sit still and watch them. Had to jump up and dance along…..try it! It’s easy to look good. Phew though, I need some aerobic exercise……my heart rate went crazy!

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