Where I blog from

Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By has opened a new section where you can show where you blog from, Where Elders blog and I haven’t complied yet, just because I don’t have a specific place where I blog any more.
I have both a laptop and a desktop computer but these days I mostly use the laptop and move it from place to place.
Last year I got myself a white plastic table that I found very convenient, put it in my living-room next to a very comfortable armchair and blogged from there for quite a while.


In the living-room

At about the same time, I started to suffer from mouse elbow, the equivalent of tennis elbow, due to overusing the computer mouse 😉
My Feldenkrais instructor suggested that it might be a good idea to change place once in a while, so I started moving my laptop from place to place.
So now, sometimes I blog in my study, with my collection of elephants looking over me

on my desk

In my study

and other times, I blog in my kitchen

on my kitchen table

In the kitchen with a mug of tea


8 thoughts on “Where I blog from

  1. your laptop seems happiest in the kitchen, per the screen scene;-; i am intrigued that you leave the laptop in its carrying case, ever poised for a move to the next right spot.

  2. Claude, what’s important is not the location it’s your chair and desk and their ergonomic design. I worked at a computer for 15 years and quickly learned how important the correct desk and chair are. My husband threatens people with death if they even move towards changing my chair around. A good chair place can give you the right advice, I’m sure.

  3. well, I have to leave a comment this morning!!! Never dared to do it before: just to mention I hope now the mouse elbow problem has disappeared.By the way,congratulations for the elephant collection!!!

  4. @ Marie-France, thanks for leaving a comment. All bloggers looooove comments 😉
    @ Monica, I’m sure you’re right, but I still find that changing places is a good strategy, I spend far too long at my computer anyway!
    @ Kenju I like it too! I took it last week at the Luxembourg garden!
    @ tamar, I am terribly untidy, better get the carrying case dirty than the laptop 😉

  5. I too enjoyed the mini tour of your home. I am rather envious of your laptop (it is the MacBook Pro – is it not?). I really like the idea of the computer being so portable — you’ll never get bored with your surroundings!

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