Things I don’t do any more

Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By wrote a post about things she has stopped doing in her old age.
Well, I started thinking it over, and found that there were quite a few things that I didn’t do any more.

  1. I don’t write postcards, or letters. I have always hated every minute of it and even more going to the post-office to buy stamps and post the darn things. Just the same, I don’t send Christmas cards. Sometimes, when people send me one, I feel guilty, but probably not enough to force me to write one.
  2. I hardly read anything that isn’t a murder mystery these days. Unless I get curious about something that has been recommended to me. Not by critics, but by friends who know me and think I might enjoy the book.
    I used to be a reader and to enjoy all sorts of books, but I guess I am not as dedicated or patient as I used to be.
  3. I don’t wear real shoes, or high heels. I haven’t bought real shoes in years. I only buy two pairs of TBS sneakers tennis shoes a year and wear them alternately.



  4. I don’t wear formal clothes, I only wear jeans and sports things. I cannot even remember the last time I have worn a skirt or a dress.
  5. I don’t go to bed at set times. I am a night owl and go to bed when I get sleepy. Most of the time, it’s around 2 a.m. But last night, I felt sleepy at 12.30 and went straight to bed.
  6. I don’t get up at set times, except if I have to catch a train or a plane, and hate every minute of it. I have hated setting an alarm and having to wake up early all my life. It doesn’t mean that I sleep in late, just that I enjoy being awake and lingering in my bed till late on some mornings.
  7. I don’t work. This, I find is the best part. I can’t even explain why because I enjoyed my job. Both for all these years when I was a teacher, and the last few years when I was a webmistress. But I guess that what I really love is the having no obligations part of this.
  8. I don’t go to parties where there are a lot of people. I have always been rather shy and while I enjoy being with three or for friends, I feel uncomfortable at big parties, with a glass in my hand. I’ve always found it difficult to remember people’s names and feel embarrassed when I cannot remember who is who. Also, I don’t like noise much, and I’d rather be with a few intimate friends.
  9. I don’t dye my hair and enjoy having it grey and saving hours at the hairdresser’s.

    Leopard couple


  10. I don’t play golf any longer and stopped doing things like yoga, or jogging that I used to do. I stopped golf after surgery for breast cancer and stopped yoga when I realised that almost every time I got out of a session, my back started hurting.
  11. I don’t cook or invite people to my place for a meal. I find that shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterwards is too much work and stress for the lazy person I have become, and I’d rather take my friends to a restaurant where I know the food will be good, and I’ll enjoy it as much as they will.
  12. I don’t like taking planes for more than a couple of hours. I did it last year when I went to the US and enjoyed my stay thoroughly but don’t like the idea of doing it again. I’d love it if I could be beamed up or down to a foreign country and not have to sit in a crowded plane.
  13. I don’t make up. I still own lipstick and eyeshadow and powder but haven’t used them for years. Sometimes, I wonder why I don’t throw them away, or give them away.



  14. I don’t go on diets. I would love to be thin but cannot be bothered dieting any more. It’s something I have done all my life and I have lost and gained more kilos than you can imagine.
  15. I don’t read magazines or newspapers. I have a look online, at most, but most of the time I get angry at journalists when I do. So why bother?

You must be wondering what I do with my days!
Well, I take photographs, put them on flickr, read blogs, sometimes write a post for Vieux, c’est mieux !!!, my French blog, or one for Blogging in Paris, go for long walks, sometimes go to the cinema or to an exhibition, see my friends. And that is that.
Do I miss any of the things I used to do?
The answer is definitely no. 😉


29 thoughts on “Things I don’t do any more

  1. I admire you for doing exactly what you want to do, Claude. Most of us do things we don’t really want to – and get angry or stressed about it. You are lucky to be in a position where you can do what you want when you want.

  2. for the shy person you describe, you’ve revealed much about yourself on your blog–about family history, what you enjoy. today was a bit more–and fascinating. perfect illustrations too.

    not cooking–there goes my stereotypical idea about french women!

  3. You’ve added a few that I hadn’t realized I’ve stopped doing when I made my list. Definitely Christmas cards – but they’ve been gone from my life for 25 years, so not related to getting old, I think. after I got out the list one year and saw more than 500 names, I gave it up. No one has 500 friends (except on Facebook).

    Dieting too is gone for the same reasons you give. I’m quite chubby now, but unlike all those dieting years, my weight no longer fluctuates.

    And airplanes. I’ve been on way too many this year. I like being there, not the getting there. Remember when it used to fun to fly?

  4. You might almost have been talking about me – except that I have to work still and enjoy reading just about anything. To blog interestingly in one language is achievement enough – to do it in two is far from lazy.

  5. That’s a great list. Freeing one’s self from the expectations of others (hair color, working, keeping schedules, and the rest) makes for a healthier life. The key is to know what you can give up and when. Sounds like you have the key!

  6. That was very interesting, Claude. I have to think about what I don’t do now that I used to do. The first things that come to mind are working and commuting. I say good for you. You are obviously interested in many things and I think that is important.

  7. What are TBS sneakers? If you’ve got a photo, would you post it? And those cute people in the market, especially the one w faux leopard dyed hair, appear to be dressed for cold weather. Is it winter-gear clime in Paris now?

    Oh, and I’ve abandoned people who bore me or suck my energy or repeat complaints without taking steps to correct the problems they complain about or accepting/surrendering to the problems.

  8. Great post — and I’m looking forward to my retirment next year and giving up some of the drudgery of my current daily life! I love the purple shoes (purple is my color), but I wouldn’t wear them. I have only slip-on shoes (with no backs) — that’s all I’ve worn for years. Wish I could go barefoot all the time (but the world is too dirty).

  9. I haven’t given up anything just yet, but I may soon. Christmas cards haven’t been sent in a couple of years, but just because I was too busy in the run up to Christmas.

    I LOVE those purple shoes in the window! The next time I’m in Paris will you please take me to the shop that sells them. They were at Tati, right?

  10. Oh yes, I’m with you on many of those things, Claude. No fancy shoes for years now (because of a bunion) so I wear mostly sandals until it gets too cold and then I have an old but comfortable pair of walking shoes.
    Like you, I’ve rarely worn a skirt in the past five years and have put on weight – but I’m thinking about dieting because of my knee problems. Whether I actually get round to it is another matter.

  11. I love your list, Claude. Do you remember your stay at the Yale Club in NYC last year when you were worried about the dress code? One of my goals is to make sure my world doesn’t shrink as I get older.

  12. i’m with u on almost everything on your list (except that i do love to cook, mainly because i love to eat and i do read, but only non-fiction these days) my hair is now pretty white hence i no longer get asked if i get the sr discount! hate skirts & dresses & wear only clog or sandals if not tennis shoes…..r we related? I am jealous of you living in france….it has been a dream of mine for decades now…..just can’t figure out how to afford it

  13. You sound ready for the “Cargo Club”, a secret society of freighter travellers that you might find clues to here!. I am so much the same as you, and have enjoyed travelling around the world via containership, maybe you would.

  14. I aspire to have such a list, Claude 🙂

    I generally live how I want, except for the need to work and thus have a routine. I’m not a routine sort of person, so I won’t miss the routine when it is no longer necessary.

  15. Claude, the few times I’ve gone to yoga, I end up with the same complaint–a back that hurts terribly! Thought I was the only one. There are enough other forms of exercise, like walking, for instance. No more yoga for me…

  16. I definitely do not have dinner parties anymore. I find that since I do not cook much anymore, I have forgotten HOW to cook. I am like you, my favorite thing to do for dinner is make reservations. I sometimes wish i still cooked, I like to look at cooking shows, and cookbooks, but that is as far as I will go. thanks for visiting my blog. With work, I do not blog as much as I would like.

  17. Years ago I gave up wearing pantihose for a number of reasons. First of all it was hard to get a proper fit. To small, too short or too long.

    On one occasion I was out for an evening of dining and dancing. Picture this: I was on the dance floor and the pantihose started to drop down, ( they were to loose) so off I hobbled to the ladies room to take them off.

    Another time I was in a ladies bathroom stall and when I went to pull the hose up, they got caught on the gold braclet I was wearing and try as I might, I couldn’t separate the hose from the braclet without breaking the braclet. I needed help so I opened the door to the stall and cried out for help!

    Fortunately a lady came to my rescue, she worked in a jewlely store and knew just what to do without breaking the braclet.

    I never wore pantihose again!!

  18. @ Millie, hilarious story! I can just imagine you stuck in the toilets 🙂

    I think that stopping doing certain things is related to being retired, but it’s more that as you grow older, you allow yourself to make decisions and don’t let others dictate what you must do or how you must live. Also lets you focus on what is really important for you!

  19. That is a great list Claude…and I don’t do a lot of the things you mention anymore either….many. It’s very true how you just stop certain things and focus on what you really enjoy and what has become important to you. I used to feel a little guilty….but not anymore. Thanks Claude.

  20. Cheers and more cheers!!! Thanks for this post – You have mentioned a few things for me to add to my list of things I no longer do. What a delight to “not” do these things

  21. i just found this list…very inspiring. i just lost a whole lot of guilt. i’ve quit doing all of those same things. have you read donna leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti books? FABULOUS! you’d love them.


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