Wednesday Window: over their shoulder


Darling, I feel like I'm being watched...
I feel someone hovering over my shoulder…

I took this photo a week ago or so around the Forum des Halles area. I had spotted that couple with the skater statue, pointed and right when I clicked, this guy walked into my frame. I was… furious. When I tried to take a second shot, my subjects had moved!
At home, I tried a little photoshopping on this person’s head. But perseverance not being my strong point, I gave up.
I do have helpful friends though. Leo Reynolds, a patient and resourceful photoshop user fixed it for me.
Thanks, Leo!


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: over their shoulder

  1. Wow….this photo is amazing, Claude! Well done!
    I’m finally getting to catch up on my blogs since returning from Paris and once again, I just want to thank you for your kindness and concern about Ray being in the hospital. You’re a wonderful friend and I hope you know our little island of Cedar Key is always waiting for you to visit us.

  2. I am such a HUGE fan of your photographs. In fact, I just had a good trawl through your flickr site yesterday. They are so wonderful and I love your internal photo instinct, what you think will make a good photo.

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