Two Days in Paris

I don’t think I had ever seen Julie Delpy in another movie, nor did I think she was a movie director. Why did I think she was a singer? No idea. I must have mixed her up with someone else!

Anyway, Two Days in Paris started showing in Paris cinemas back in July and like many other movies was only shown in small movie theatres and not many of them. Someone told me about it and I finally went a couple of weeks ago. In a movie theatre where I had never been before, one afternoon, and I was the only viewer in the room. Sometimes I wonder how cinemas manage to make money or even survive in Paris.
I remember that when I was a kid, you could go to the cinema and sit through several shows. That was called ‘cinéma permanent’.
Not any more.

A fun movie about surviving as a couple. How do people manage not to get a divorce or kick their partner out in this day and age; how difficult it can get to live with someone who does not share the same cultural references as yourself. How do you survive when you’re a foreigner and have to put up with not understanding the language, and coping with strange customs. This is part of what 2 Days in Paris is all about.

It seems that Julie Delpy’s whole family appeared in the movie. Her parents in the movie are her real life parents, her ex-boyfriend plays the role of her American companion and even her cat plays in the movie.
Two Days in Paris reminded me of some of Woody Allen’s movies and was a lot of fun. I always enjoy a movie that discusses culture gaps and laughed a lot.

4 thoughts on “Two Days in Paris

  1. I’ll look for that one here. Thanks for the review. I have gone to matinees here, when there were no more than 5-6 people in a theater that seats 300. I don’t know how they stay in business either.

  2. It’s the same here, you go to the movies and there a hand full of people. I too wonder how they stay in business.

    Recently I went to see “Into the Wild” and surprise, surprise there was pretty much a full house. At the end of the movie the audience applauded! Very unusual –

    This movie is based on a true story about a young fellow who gives up all material things and sets out to “see life.”

    Some scenes are hard to take but the scenery and acting were terrific. This movie is not everyones cup of tea but for me, it was well worth seeing.

    “Two Days In Paris sounds like a fun movie, I’ll look for it.

  3. Two Days in Paris sounds like something I’d like. I just saw Julie Delpy in a movie with Bill Murray a few days ago….I like her. Thanks Claude.

  4. I had heard about this movie on another French blog about a month ago and immediately added it to my Netflix list. I’m DYING to see it! It looks really good and since my son is dating a Parisian, I thought I’d enjoy it even more….lol Thanks for the review, Claude.

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