Saturday Photo Hunt : Classic


Château de Chambord
Château de Chambord

A classic view of Château de Chambord, in Loire country.
More of my photos of Chambord here


10 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt : Classic

  1. Actually, I think I heard about the Chambord liqueur for the first time through Terri. I am not much of a liqueur drinker, I guess. But Walt is certainly more of a specialist 😉
    @Beverly, I didn’t visit this particular château, just walked around it. But I did visit Chenonceau, which is also a beauty, outside and inside

  2. A photograph which made me remember my visit and get my old photos out and then voila – a mention of Chenonceau in the comments.

    This reminded me of a cyclist we met at Azay-le-Rideau on an evening when we were at a Son et Lumière. He told us he was cycling up the Loire – the only trouble was that it did make his bicycle rusty. How we laughed as we shared a bottle of wine or two with this traveller who the next day, as he informed us was going to visit Chateaux Atomique at Chinon. It took us quite a while to get the joke.

  3. Claude,

    It is.

    Have a glass of Pouilly Fusse for me when you visit.

    I only love the gardens at Villandry more.

    I am presently about 50% housebound battling with a condition, which is not life threatening – but destroys your quality of life. I will get through it and hope to visit La Belle France at least once again. Friends who moved near to Samur last November and the other lot near Dijon are waiting impatiently.

    You don’t have to publish this comment.

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