A beautiful day


This visit with friend toli had been planned several times but somehow had never happened.
This time, we hadn’t planned anything, it happened on the spur of the moment and like many unexpected things turned out to be beautiful.
Beautiful garden…


Morning visit to the garden

Beautiful and tasty lunch…

gambas with carrot

Gambas with carrot

Beautiful landscape…

Reflections in the river Seine

Along the river Seine

Beautiful weather…

elders walking by the river Seine

Elders taking a walk

Beautiful sunset…


the sun setting over French Vexin

Beautiful cat

Chatpot or is it Chapeau?

Friendly Chapo

Thanks, toli!
More photos here -still uploading.


14 thoughts on “A beautiful day

  1. “Beautiful” certainly covers all of it. What gorgeous photos and you captured it all, as always.
    I’ve always maintained it’s the spontaneous things in life that seem to turn out to be the most beautiful. And I think you proved it here.

  2. I love your day. Gamba, while almost unknown in the USA, is a favorite of mine in Israel. The beautiful cat is extra beautiful in the upside down view. To a kitty, probably we are upside down. A cat’s curiosity opens up views seen from many perspectives so that absolute right and wrong views cease to have meaning.

  3. Gambas as I know them in Israel are veggies that look like red peppers and taste like them though tougher and sweeter. (Really, it is a middle eastern and north African veggie.) Never heard of the shrimp connection. One minute I think I know what is going on, and the next minute I find out otherwise. Hahaha. Reminds me of lots of life;-)

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