Words: slog

Referring to someone who committed suicide, Ronni Bennett in When the Future is Shorter than the Past wrote that she

couldn’t imagine – particularly since she had died by choice – how she could have left unfinished on the bedside table, Lawrence Durell’s Clea. There is no way, I thought, having slogged through the first three books of The Alexandria Quartet (and it IS a slog), I wouldn’t have finished the last third of the final book before making my exit.

Of course, slog did sound like a derogatory word in the context, but as I absolutely loved every minute of Durell’s Alexandria quartet when I read it, as a young woman, –not sure I could stomach it again NOW, incidentally — I had to look the word up.

Merriam-Webster said

intransitive verb 1 : to plod heavily : tramp 2 : to work hard and steadily : plug

By the way, that post and the one by Terri Dulong got me really interested and I’ll have to write more than a “word” post about my future being shorter than my past 😉


10 thoughts on “Words: slog

  1. I don’t think anyone enjoys the moment when they realize they have less time to come than has passed. For me, it was a spur to do everything I could to maximize the time left.

  2. I had to subscribe to timegoesby after reading that post and comments. Being a young’un myself it’s great to read about an older person’s perspective, especially about how it feels to age.

  3. I regret having less time to live than I have already lived but at age almost 78 I understand that before too long it will be my time to exit right stage so the other players can get their turn in the spotlight.

    My fervent hope is that I can remain active until the curtain comes down.

  4. My friend and I were talking about our big 6-0 birthday. She blurted out “if all goes well, we probably only have a good 20 years left. I freaked, cause 20 years is NOT that long…

  5. I said at 50, I was getting ready for the second half of my life, so guess my checkout time is around 100. Of course, there are all sorts of scenarios that could ’cause me to want to readjust that figure. Even at that, it is kinda strange to think about the fact the years left are dwindling in number. Guess there are a few more experiences I need to get busy and have before time runs out. 😉

  6. SLOG is such a useful word and applies so well to the boring tasks of life – you just have to put one foot in front of the other get the chore done and not get “BOGged” down in daydreaming if you want to finish.

    It’s hard to do that during the DOG days of August when it’s so hot, and in my working days, when there was a boring task, I felt like nothing more than a COG in the apparatus. A JOG can help clear the cobwebs from your mind, but you can get SOGgy doing that on a rainy day and too often the bike riders HOG the path. That’s when it’s nice to come across a LOG to rest upon.

  7. Big 60 WAS a wakeup call! I built an addition to my house, figuring no one was going to come along and do it for me! If my heredity holds, I’ll have another 30 years, and maybe pretty good ones, since my mom was quite active until age 85. The only thing that slowed her down was a bum hip, and I have inherited a weakness in that hip but have the option of Fosamax which was not around when she needed it — as well as exercise in the gym and bellydancing! so I am quite optimistic about the last third of life — when I look back at the first two-thirds, I see at least 5 different “lives” in cat terms — and hope that maybe I have a few more changes coming up! It’s same old same old that gets one wanting to pull the plug.

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