Love Autumnal

Love Autumnal

MY love will come in autumn-time
When leaves go spinning to the ground
And wistful stars in heaven chime
With the leaves’ sound.

Then, we shall walk through dusty lanes
And pause beneath low-hanging boughs,
And there, while soft-hued beauty reigns
We’ll make our vows.

Reflection in a puddle

Let others seek in spring for sighs
When love flames forth from every seed;
But love that blooms when nature dies
Is love indeed!

Oliver Jenkins

I have come across this poem several times and like it. Maybe it’s corny, but I like corny. I wish I could have provided a link for Oliver Jenkins, but I haven’t been able to find one!


5 thoughts on “Love Autumnal

  1. Thanks, Claude — I do love autumn and incidentally, met a nice man several weeks ago! Vows talk would be premature — but this is a lovely poem — who knows?

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