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While going through my blog reading this week, I came across two beautiful new Where I Am From.

  1. The first one was written by Septuagent here
  2. The second one by Terri, at Writing Away On Cedar Key here
  3. Today’s Sunday, and I just came across a third one, that of Autolycus, a London blog I have been following for quite a while, as a lurker. Another “where I am from” definitely worth reading.

How wonderful that they added to the long list of Where I am from!

Then, to comply with Ronni Bennett‘s request, to write a short review about a blog in her elderblogger list –another great idea of hers–, I chose haphazardly in her blogroll, and thus discovered Nuggets.
Here’s is what I wrote in Getting to Know More of the Elderbloggers List comments

I didn’t use a gold pan but just clicked anywhere on your list, Ronni and came up with Nuggets, and really liked it. It’s full of tidbits as Howard surfs in places where I obviously have never been. He even surprised me with a flickr discovery of his, a group called Faces in places, which I fancied immediately because he chose such an interesting photo to illustrate his point.

Then he has a regular feature that I like, which is called Things I Just Don’t Need.
Fun and varied, good-looking site. Love it! Added to my Netvibes!

I was surprised and flattered to see two comments mentioning my Blogging in Paris in the comments and want to thank EasyDiverChris and Sablonneuse for their kind words.

Finally, if you need a good laugh –and who doesn’t?– go and read Millie’s Good News and Bad News. I am still laughing 😉


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