Wednesday Window: a happy Thanksgiving


to all my American friends, from this very French turkey

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: a happy Thanksgiving

  1. Me!! I would rather have a double rib of roast beef. Preferably Aberdeen Angus.

    But loved the photo anyway.

    I wonder how they choose the turkey for the annual pardon in the USA.

  2. @ Millie and Chancy, depends how you cook it. My friend Norma has been known to bake a French turkey and make it taste exactly like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey with gravy and everything! But usually our birds are smaller than yours.
    @ mrs k I love a double rib of roast beef too 😉
    @ thecraftswench, yes, I’m sure he enjoys being French on Thanksgiving Day. But he won’t at Christmas 😉

  3. Ohhh, he’s SOOO handsome! You mean that’s WHAT ended up on our dinner table? Now I feel terrible…oh, but wait…we had an American one. They’re NOT nearly as handsome as this guy.

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