Le sacre du printemps

I was lucky enough to attend quite a few performances of varied ballets by Maurice Béjart’s company and was sorry to hear about his death. Béjart certainly was one of the stars of the 20th century and reconciled me with ballet. I would have liked to find a working video clip of Ravel‘s famed boléro with Jorge Donne, but another favourite of mine was Stravinsky‘s Le Sacre du Printemps, which I saw in June 2006, in Paris.

Another icon of the twentieth century is gone. I hope he is now dancing in heaven with Donn and Stravinsky 🙂

Read Béjart’s obituary in The Times


5 thoughts on “Le sacre du printemps

  1. OH WOW….I was totally mesmerized by this, Claude! Absolutely stunning!
    The precision of body movement was brilliant. What a performance and how fortunate for you to witness this in person.
    Thank you SO much for sharing. I truly enjoyed it!

  2. I personnally knew Jorge Donn and am now working on a movie project initiated by his nephew to pay tribute to this wonderful danser. Any comments, support or video materials would be very helpful. Thanks. Tricia

  3. @ Tricia, I wish I had photos of that time, but unfortunately, I don’t.
    There’s a movie by Claude Lelouch, called Les Uns et les Autres, in which he dances Béjart’s Boléro by Ravel.
    Here’s an extract on YouTube

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