Meeting Monceau


Monceau, one of my flickr friends spent her Thanksgiving break in Paris and we had planned to meet yesterday for photographic walk at Cimetière du Montparnasse. When I got out of the métro, she was there with her huge camera, and I recognised her right away. We walked to Montparnasse Cemetery and started walking around, stopping for a shot here or there, exchanging tidbits about our lives and stories.
I have been following Monceau’s photostream for the last two years and I knew we were interested in the same things: cemeteries, letters, squared circles, architecture, among other things.

Monceau, her head in the clouds

Monceau, her head in the clouds

One of the things I most enjoy, when I take a walk with a friend photographer is that they make me notice things that I have never paid attention to before. For example, I am soooo used to the ugliness of Tour Montparnasse, towering over the cemetery, that I don’t notice it any more. But Monceau remarked several times about it. And that made me take this photo in which Tour Montparnasse just looks like one more piece of mosaic through the wing of this strange bird.

Cimetière du Montparnasse

Monument at Cimetière Montparnasse

Finally, we got chilly and decided to go to a café. We went to Le Dôme, where we enjoyed a café crème.

grand crème au Dôme

pouring milk into my grand crème

A very pleasant afternoon indeed.


7 thoughts on “Meeting Monceau

  1. That strange bird looks like the work of that great sculpture Niki de Saint Phalle. If so, how lucky you are to have her work in your city. Or maybe it is on loan, as was a collection in atlanta a couple years ago (planted in our botanical garden, bringing a glimpse of paradise)!

  2. At 78, I thought I had lost my chance and would never walk in Paris. And here I am following you, step by step. I can even taste the grand crème and lick my lips. Thank you!

  3. The photos are awesome!
    I TOO hate Tour Montparnasse, but I’m SO impressed with your photo! Outstanding, Claude!
    AND yes, I’m jealous that you went to Le Dome, but have to admit that La Rotonde, across the street, is my favorite.

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