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Blog reading is still OK, although my favourite blogger has decided to quit, but commenting on blogs has just been made more difficult, if you are not using
I happen to blog at and love it. A lot of my blogger friends use Till Sunday, or maybe I only realised it Sunday, when you didn’t have a account and wanted to add a comment, you clicked “other”, which let you enter your blog address and your name, entered your comment and that was it.
Now, the non blogger users are supposed to enter their nickname (nickname? what nickname?), and write their comment. And if they want to add their blog address, they have to know html.

As Ronni, who I am very sad to say, has decided to close Time Goes By, put it in her last blog,

a couple of days ago, Blogger blogs (owned by Google) no longer allow people without Blogger or Google accounts to leave their blog address on comments, instead supplying a link to sign up.

I’ve lost the heart to argue against that too, but I will not allow myself to be forced to join the Google Army bludgeoning its way toward world domination.

No one could have written it better, which makes me wonder who will express those things I feel but don’t have the ability to write, now.

So there, if you want to write your blog address in a comment anyway, here’s how to do it:
Copy and paste the following:

<a href="">Your name or your blog name</a>

Replace with your own blog address and your own name

I’ve saved this on a textfile that I leave on my desktop, and when I comment, all I have to do is copy and paste.

  1. More about this at MotherPie’s Blogger Comment Changes Stink. Period.
  2. And one last thing, there are other commenting solutions to, if you don’t wish to restrict your blogging world to blogger itself, you can try haloscan, when I was still on, I used it and loved it. It is quite compatible. If you don’t believe me, have a look at Peggy’s at Day to Day Life of Very Lazy Gardener who’s using it.

18 thoughts on “ behaving badly

  1. I’ve just read Ronni’s post too and hope that she might eventually have a change of heart. Funnily enough, I tried html for a comment on john.g’s blog and got it right at the second attempt using the formula you have posted. (I got it from Ronni’s blog).
    Let’s hope those bullies at google don’t cme up with a way to prevent that too.

  2. I have to enter my Name, E-Mail, and Website address each time I comment to WordPress blogs. I have to login to Blogger if I want to comment to Blogger blogs…although some do allow anonymous comments. I hope that this technology doesn’t do us all in! I am so surprise and saddened to hear that Ronnie is ending her blog…she was a motivator for many of us!

  3. claude, your advice is truly a public service–exactly what we’d become accustomed to from ronni.

    her sudden departure was a shock even though her posts recently had seemed particularly dark. my hope is that she finds another avenue for use her great talent. i do not believe she will return to writing TGB.

    yours, naomi

  4. Like all of us, I was so sad and sorry to learn that Ronni was closing her blogging doors.
    As for the comments and Google/Blogger…I commented on that today at my place. I simply don’t have the time for such foolishness of copy and paste and whatever. They’re only making it more difficult for us bloggers to go visiting.

  5. I am sorry about blogger doing that to everyone who isn’t on blogger. It isn’t user friendly – and I wish I could get them to change it.

    Ronni has broken many of our hearts by quitting. Who will be our voice now? Don’t you want to take up the mantle?

  6. Kenju, I am afraid it takes a stronger voice than mine to take up the mantle! We elders have lost our voice. But Ronni has a right to get some rest. Keeping a blog like Time Goes By for such a long time requires a lot of strength and energy. And who knows, maybe she’ll find other ways of fighting the cause of elders.

  7. Greetings! I have to admit, I’ve found Blogger to be among the more benign blog services out there. (And yes, my blogs are on Blogger.) More blogs nowadays require one to actually have an account before you can leave any comment, even if you didn’t want to leave your blog address. (I’m thinking of Live Journal and TypeKey.) That is, of course, unless you want to write an anonymous post, which I may not necessarily want to do.


  8. @ Marjorie, Blogger will not let me (who is not a blogger user) easily link to my blog, which you just did on wordpress. I have to copy and paste code inside the comment box. You may not realise it because you are using blogger and are therefore constantly connected.

  9. Thanks, Claude, for the info you provided here. I’ll see if I can incorporate it into a statement at the bottom of each post as close to the comment section as possible, so non-Google/Blogger subscribers can more easily post comments on my blog.

    I, too, will miss Ronni’s posts at TGB. Frankly, I don’t know what to think about the whole matter. I just wish her well whatever she does. I think her writing is unique in a very special positive way, (including the “dark” perspectives,) so I don’t really see anyone picking up her mantle, so to speak. Others will, hopefully, write about most of the pertinent issues she has covered, each in their own way.

  10. Ronni has made a much bigger impact than I think she ever imagined. And while I don’t think there’ll ever be another Ronni, I think she has provided the impetus for all her readers to ‘carry the mantle’ collectively.

    I’m hoping she will show up somewhere else soon.

  11. I happen to have a blogger account because I started there. But since you now have to put the HTML for a link to your own blog in a comment, I put it in a Firefox add-on called Signature. Right click in a text box, select Insert Signature from the context menu, select the signature or whatever from the list, click on it and bingo. Signature was written to make it easier to insert signatures and tag lines. I now use it for passwords and the link to my blog along with a bunch of quotes. Like the one below.

    “The Internet: Transforming Society and Shaping the Future Through Chat.” – – Dave Barry

  12. Claude
    I too am saddened by Ronni’s sudden departure. I do hope there is nothing more serious going on in her life that is causing her to abandon Time Goes By. Taken at face value it just seems out of character for Ronni to leave so abruptly.

    All we can do is hold positive thoughts and be thankful for the time Ronni gave us and the lessons we learned from her writings.

    Janet (aks Chancy)

  13. Blogger and other challenges are taking the fun out of blogging.
    I don’t want to be a techno geek or whatever it takes. It would be so nice to just be able to have the satisfaction and pleasure of being able to post and or comment
    I echo “Ronni will be greatly missed”

  14. To comment on blogger just check “nickname”. This can be any name you choose including your blog’s name or your own name, doesn’t matter.
    You can also add the URL of your blog, and then write your comment. Its pretty simple but they make things seem more difficult than they are.
    Happy commenting.
    I really enjoy your photos so very much and the little stories you sometimes post with them.

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