Wednesday Window: fans at the football game


BC vs Va Tech
At the Football Game

A photo I took at the football game, back in October 2006, on a trip to the US. Thanks to my friends Bob and Norma who arranged to make me acquainted to this piece of Americana, a football game!
They were also the ones who took me for the first time to Cirque du Soleil.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: fans at the football game

  1. I have fond memories of that evening with you at the Boston College football game, just a little over a year ago. I especially remember your reaction to all the pre-game tailgating that was going on in the fields and parking lots around the stadium. People were barbecuing and, of course, the wine and beer flowed freely — that may explain why some fans in the stadium sport headgear of the type shown in your photo.

  2. The football I can leave alone – but I’d love to see Cirque in a full performance. I got to see a little of it last year, when they were the featured performers at the Jimmy V Gala, and it was spectacular!

  3. Next football game you see, Claude, keep your eyes open for the barechested guys with team colors painted on their faces and chests, possibly hair dyed and styled, too. Must admit this hat picture you have is special.

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