Wednesday Window: moody atmosphere


Paris in the rain
The river Seine from Pont Louis-Philippe

I took this photo last Monday, as I was walking from Hôtel de Ville to Sèvres-Babylone. I have tried to resume walking every day whatever the weather. I was walking across Pont Louis-Philippe, my camera in my right hand and my umbrella in the left one.
I sort of like the photo, now that I am dry and out of the rain 😉


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: moody atmosphere

  1. Great photo, Claude. Has a mystical quality to it. And that’s quite a good walking distance. I’m jealous…how I’d love to be walking in Paris right now. Although it looks a bit chilly there from the forecast.

  2. I really like this “moody” picture, other scenes you’ve taken when the sun wasn’t shining, or storm clouds forming. I also admire that you’re trying to walk regularly. I really need to do that, as I keep saying, but don’t do. If I could have the promise of a water scene as a goal I think that would be incentive enough. A good friend, a hour so away from me, is able to walk along the ocean. That would appeal to me, also, and we do go to the ocean often when I visit them.

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