Good resolutions


Or maybe the title should be A good resolution, no s! It’s not yet New Year to make resolutions that you never stick to.
Here goes. A visit to my doctor ten days ago scared me because it turns out that I have high blood pressure, something that has never happened to me before. And it was not just that particular time, or because I was nervous, my blood pressure has just been high since my previous visit to the doctor’s and that’s a fact. When she told me she recommended that I take some medicine she described my condition with the word ‘systemic’ and I asked her to use a simpler word, one that I could make sense of, to which she said that it simply meant that that’s the way it was, and that it was due to ageing.
I then asked if it had anything to do with weight gain, and she said that four or five kilos off usually meant one blood pressure point down.
Food for thought.


My daily pill 😦

Well, I feel both unable and unwilling to go on a diet. But I am also quite unwilling to end my life as a vegetable, with a seizure due to combined effects of high blood pressure and cholesterol. So take the medicine she prescribed I will.

I have also bought this little thing which is called a pedometer and am using it daily to count my daily steps. I try to walk no less than 5,000 steps and find that around 9,000 is rather pleasant for me.


Yesterday’s steps

I am sharing this with you because several of you commented on my last post, mentioning the fact that they felt it was a good idea to walk regularly.
So I try to do this every day, never mind the weather. I’ve found that walking to a movie theatre or a museum is an incentive and better than walking back, which is easier in the summer.
Maybe making it public like this will help me stick to my goal. 😉

Now for something totally different, last Sunday I saw a great show called Le Quatuor (the quartet) and mentioned it on my French blog. You won’t be able to read the post as it is in French but I am sure you’ll like the video clip.


19 thoughts on “Good resolutions

  1. Oy – what old age brings us.

    For years and years, I had blood pressure so low that doctors sometimes asked jokingly if I was sure I was alive. Now I have slightly elevated blood pressure but haven’t wanted to take a prescription drug. I have a pedometer too, but I don’t walk as far as I should as often as I should. Last night’s predicted snow “flurries” turned into six or eight inches so maybe today, digging out the car will count.

  2. I’ve had high blood pressure for years. It runs in the family, and it is probably what killed my father, who as far as I know never was treated for it by a doctor. Just take the medecine. Remember, in the past, many or most people didn’t live to be as old as we are already. High blood pressure and high cholesterol were probably among the main reasons for their early demise. Now these genetic disorders can be treated.

  3. And I too have been on blood pressure and cholesterol drugs for years. Better living through chemistry, as they say. But I do need to walk. I remember how great I felt many years ago when I was a lot smaller and jogging 3 miles every morning. I had to do that to stay in shape for my annual backpacking week in the Sierra Mountains. Guess I just need the proper incentive.

  4. It’s also good to get a Blood Pressure Monitor. It’s very easy to use. At first, you take it every day, morning and night, and you write it down. After a week, you will see what your norm is, if it fluctuates, and when. Then you take it every other day, or once a week if it’s fairly regular. Keep a record. Bring it to your doctor. It will help her to order the right pill. In Toronto, we have a Pharmacy (S.D.M.) where you can use a B.P. monitor.It’s free. Maybe in Paris? To know your B.P. will give you an incentive to keep things under control. I had to loose 20 lbs. ten years ago. It worked! Excuse this long comment, but I am a retired nurse. I advised so many people.I still do! Please, take care, dear Claude.

  5. Keep walking, Claude; my husband also has high blood pressure and monitors it as Claudia, above, suggests. Although at the beginning, he was obsessive about it. It seemed every 5 seconds I’d hear that little huff-huff of the cuff being expanded, then the sigh as the air pressure was released!

  6. I always had low BP until I took Vioxx about 4 years ago. Ever since then, I have had to take pills for high BP. Since mr. kenju’s stroke, which was mainkly caused by uncontrolled BP, I can say wiithout a doubt – take the pills! I have been going to buy a pedometer too, and you may have spurred me on to do it! Thanks.

  7. Blood pressure creeps up as we get older (and heavier) losing weight will get it down a bit but your probably going to have to keep taking those pills. (shrugs shoulders) I happens!

  8. Thanks everyone for your encouragements. No one in my family was ever known to have high blood pressure. I usually like the idea of being a pioneer, but in this case, I would have enjoyed not to!
    Anyway, going public on my walking plan might help me to keep it.
    I’ll keep you posted. And if this post has spurred you to act, then it’s a good thing.

  9. I also run a low a BP, but a couple years ago Ray was diagnosed with high BP and is also on medication. The med has managed to bring it down very nicely and he was also able to decrease his dosage. I monitor it for him about once a week.
    The pedometers are great. I also have one. I’m sending you lots of positive energy on your walking plan (as I sit here typing away!) And such a beautiful city you have to walk around! Keep those feet moving…lol

  10. I’ve been taking a high blood pressure pill for years and it has helped. Taking the pill, exercise and losing weight helps. Taking the pill is easy, exercise and losing weight is hard. 😉

    Cutting down on salt in the diet helps too. That’s a piece of cake compared to cutting down on goodies, especially that French pastry –

    Good luck.

  11. I, too, have had to contend with high BP for a few years. Through incredible personal strains for a number of years, including being “sandwiched” and much more when I was in grad school, I was proud my blood pressure always amazed the doctors that it was consistently lower than the norms. I credited my mind set, coping skills remaining calm in a hurricane. I think I can pinpoint when acute personal stresses over a long period of time pushed me into BP problems. Have the ped counter and now a stationary bike, received unexpectedly from a friend, so January will see me ready, finally, to join you in this challenge. I wish you only success and, selfishly, the same for myself.

  12. Both of my parents lived for years with high blood pressure — my dad until he was 90, my mom until she was 89. I take my medications faithfully in the hopes of emulating them in that regard.

  13. Cousin Joan, aged 76 has mini stroke – cholesterol level 8.6 Stroke Clinic insists daily bowl of organic porridge oats – as well as eating 5 portions (portion = two tablespoons) fruit and veg per day. Result – three months later down to 4.6 and it has stayed there for the past two years. Worth a shot?

  14. A few years ago, I was surprised to find I that had high blood pressure, too. Other than carrying some extra weight, I was quite fit and had a healthy diet.

    However, because of my family history, the doctor put me on blood pressure medication. After I lost a few pounds and my BP was low and stable, he let me come off the meds to see if I’d be ok. Well, by my check-up 3 months later, my BP had shot back up again. Now, I see that heredity plays a big role and I’ve resigned myself to taking these darn pills for the duration. It’s better than the alternative.

  15. BTW, I watched the video on Le Quatuor. They’re very funny and talented. Reading the post also gave me a chance to practice my rusty French. I think I got the gist of most of it. 🙂

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