My Blueberry Nights


I have no idea why it took me so long to write about this movie that I saw almost a month ago. Maybe because writing anything about a movie is always a lengthy process, as you have to look for links and and such.
Anyway, this was a movie I had been looking forward to, in spite of the fact that it was a movie by Wong Kar Wai, the director of In the Mood for Love, which I had found boring.
Why then was I looking forward to seeing it? Well, for one, I am a fan of Jude Law, who I find irresistible, and I also tremendously like Norah Jones and was curious to see what sort of an actress she would turn out to be.

And I guess I also thought the title was quite mysterious, and couldn’t imagine what it was about.
I must say I found the movie enthralling, a poetic road movie, full of mauve, red and blueberry colours, like the blueberry pies that Elizabeth/Norah has at the diner kept by Jeremy/Jude, a diner by the name of kliutch, which in Russian means key.
Jeremy has a whole jar full of keys left by customers and Elizabeth, who has just found out about her lover being with another woman will leave her keys to the man’s flat there.
Anyway, the atmosphere and the way the story is filmed together with a collection of interesting characters Elizabeth will meet during her trip through America, all excellent actors, before going back to Klioutch, kept me really interested. The original soundtrack is great and I wholeheartedly recommend the movie.
Everyone else probably knew that, but I didn’t. I discovered that Norah Jones was Ravi Shankar‘s daughter.
I wish I could remember what year it was that I went to a marvellous concert, performing Ravi Shankar! What I do remember is the quality of the music and the almost religious way in which we were listening…


7 thoughts on “My Blueberry Nights

  1. Sure wish it would open “in a theater near me”. LOL I just checked IMDB and it looks as though it hasn’t opened anywhere in the US yet. I noticed it was filmed partly in Caliente and Ely, Nevada. The first is a small town with a few homes and lawns. You can see green lawns on the satellite photos but Ely is just a joint at a crossroads. Do a Google map search and then convert to satellite and zoom in. Talk about desolate.

    Anyway, does Norah act anywhere near as well as she sings?

  2. Didn’t know yet about the movie. Thank you, Claude! Norah Jones’voice enthralls me. I got her latest CD,”Not too late”. She writes many of the songs. Also plays the piano or keyboard. Good looking too!So was Ravi Shankar in the sixties,and captivating.You’re right about “almost religious way”… I could hardly breathe at the concert. To listen, many people put their hands together as for a prayer…

  3. @ Myron, I found Norah quite good!
    @ Ken, no, it wasn’t in Champaign but in Paris. Quite a memorable concert.
    @ Claudia, yes, Ravi Shankar’s concert was enthralling too. And Norah is just great.
    @ Terri, I’m sure it’ll be on Netflix soon. I’m surprised it’s out in this country, and nowhere to be seen in the States.
    @ kenju, Jude IS really good-looking! Actually, I find him more attractive now than in his earlier movies

  4. This looks interesting Claude. I love Norah and have most of her CD’s….I knew she was Ravi Shankar’s daughter; although I think they are a little estranged. I’m a Jude Law fan too. Thanks.

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