I read MotherPie‘s post, Still, this morning and before I had finished, thought I would like to try my hand at it. Such a list seems so much more interesting than New Year’s Resolutions that I know pretty well I am not going to stick to. 🙂
So here it goes

Still blogging, after some three years,
till finding: an interest in getting your comments and reading YOUR blogs
till taking: loads of photographs and posting them at flickr
till getting: scared sh*tless when I go to the oncologist’s and the surgeon, once a year.
Still grateful: that I am healthy enough to travel around and enjoy it
Still reading: or should I stay, reading again, after years of losing interest, except for murder mysteries
Still starting: new projects, like reading aloud for LibriVox (in French, that is) and liking the idea of being included in a project, quite different from blogging.
Still: a loner though and enjoying it, as I neither rely or depend on anyone
Still not: cooking
Still drinking: gallons of tea every day
Still sticking: to walking and hoping I’ll go on.
Still growing: my hair, but not much longer
Still feeling: pain and regrets at this time of year getting close to the anniversary of Roland‘s death.
Still missing: him, his sense of humour, the companionship
Still being: so fat that I only have two pairs of jeans I can fit in
Still not wearing: skirts or dress, but enjoying the comfort of trousers
Still making: plans
Still: loving and being proud of my daughter
Still not: writing letters or answering the ones I receive, still feeling guilty about it
Still will never: go on a cruise, would get sea-sick
Still hate: taking planes for over a couple of hours
Still being: untidy and disorganised
Still lacking: the will to change 😉
Still feeling: that my life is not at a still any more, not a still life (pun intended), I am moving forward

I do hope that some of you will take up this Still list and make it their own. And for those of you who do not have a blog yet, and they’ll know who they are, I’ll be delighted to find their still list in the comments!


17 thoughts on “Still

  1. Thank you for taking the time and writing down your thoughts about what has changed and what has continued along its way. I came to you through Ronni and I am very happy to read your posts, look at your photos and listen to your occasional podcasts.

  2. My computer is STILL not working like it should. I have a call in to a person who runs a Mac Club. Hope he can help me get the thing going again. If he can’t help, maybe he will lead me to someone in his club that can.

    My modem is ok but “my IP address is defaulting.”

    Glad I got to visit you this morning. Loved your STILL list.

  3. A great “still” list, Claude! I may do one in a few days. This “Still” reminded me of Shirley Maclaine singing Sondheim’s great song “I’m still here!” This is part of a movie called Postcards From the Edge, a very funny moview based on Carrie Fisher’s book, which also stars Meryl Streep. Strikes me as something you might enjoy! Meryl Streep sings at the very end of this movie and she is FANTASTIC!
    Happy New Year! Sara

  4. Happy New Year…I love your blog and pictures. I looked at Roland’s picture and wondered who he was. It was then that I saw the tags…husband. I know you must miss him still. I would love to know about your travels with him, since you were then in Kenya. I wish I had some of your stills…like you dependence on no one. Maybe someday…

  5. So moving to meet your family and Roland with flickr. Thank you!
    Still young enough at heart to make a joyful, instant connection with a new friend, and recognize that we’ve been friends long before we met!
    More “still” later on…Happy New Year, as colourful as your printing!

  6. Still glad we had the chance to meet in new york.
    Still wonder if there will be a Mac in my future.
    “Still here”–referred to by Sara is song that could be elderblogger theme tune!
    once again, a very good and peaceful new year.
    yours, naomi

  7. Claude, I LOVE your still list! Thank you for sharing it, and I’ll try to get one up this weekend.

    We’ve been back and forth for a good long time now. Happy New Year!

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