Letting go of materialism…

This cracked me up! So true! Even for SOME elders — I am hopelessly addicted to new gadgets and technology


12 thoughts on “Letting go of materialism…

  1. So true. Several years ago after I got our big screen TV box set up with surround sound, DVD player, ReplayTV DVR etc, one of my grandsons called me his high tech granpa. I’m a firm believer that the good old days start tomorrow.

  2. LOL….I’m ashamed to admit, I’m right there with you, Claude. Love all the new gadgets, etc. Hey, it makes life more interesting.
    Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year! All the best to you in 2008. (And I look forward to seeing you in May)

  3. I love that cartoon. I know people just like that. I don’t have, nor do I want an ipod. I like music sometimes, but not all the time, and not tied to me…..LOL
    Happy New Year, Claude!

  4. Claude,
    My wife Sybil and I wish you and your daughter good health and happiness in 2008. I thank you for continuing to massage my geriatric ego with your comments on my blog. I envy your blog’s high-tech features and wish I could share your enthusiasm for new electronic gadgets. As a confirmed technophobe, I am easily intimidated by them. One problem is that so many of the new products contain an over-kill of features that I do not need and will never use. My cell phone is the best example. Thank you again for continuing to visit my blog. It’s wonderful people like you who make the effort so rewarding.

  5. My son and his friends convinced me that I was too young for my out-dated equipment! I got the latest CD and DVD in the summer. Then, a new computer and the internet in November. Now a MP3 Player(for 500 items!) will replace the radio-cassette which kept me walking 15 years! I’m told there is no new model for little old me…yet!!!

  6. Love this one, Claude. I also have to admit I’m somewhat of a techno-junkie. iPod (have 2 — one for music and a little Shuffle for news), big screen TV, iMac with 2 monitors…. The one gadget that doesn’t interest me (beyond basic function) is the cell phone. Just want to have it there is I need it. HATE call waiting! Have a high tech new year!

  7. Claude, I had to chuckle when I read your post about the latest technical gadgets. I had absolutely NO interest in the IPhone until my adult daughter got one for Christmas. I have to admit it is just about the neatest device I have ever encountered. It does everything but wash the dishes.


    I am sure I will not be getting an IPhone any time soon but we did break down and get a large screen flat plasma TV and it has the greatest, clearest, prettiest picture imaginable. My husband Sam is in seventh heaven with all the football games this time of year and movies are incredible on it.

    Happy New Year


  8. I don’t like gadgets that need to be fiddled around with too much and observed through a magnifying glass (and no, I’m not talking about my penis).

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