Saturday Photo Hunt: delicious


Fondant au chocolat
delicious chocolate pastry

This was not the first idea that came to my mind when I saw this week’s theme, but I try not to post the same things at the same time on my blogs; in any case, you don’t need to understand French to see that those macaroons are properly delicious


11 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Hunt: delicious

  1. I had TWO of your delicious macaroons on January 3rd! I should not even LOOK at this chocolate pastry. Well…maybe a few seconds!

  2. Went to bed, at midnight, with that vision in my mind…Had to go out at 9 a.m. for coffee and pastry. Of course, at Tim Horton, nothing as luscious as your great photo. Now what I need to see, on your blog, are dry carrot sticks, and no dip, please!

  3. Well, that looks pretty scrumptious Claude. You’ve succeeded in making me hungry for something chocolate….this is my downfall. I think I’ll just go look around the kitchen….

  4. OH NO…..JUST from gazing at this delectible dessert, my scale informs me I’ve gained FIVE pounds! HOW can that be?
    Great photo and I’m still drooling.

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