Words: pack rat and brownout


Kenju at Imagine what I’m leaving out responding to a meme wrote

If you have read here for even a short while, you know that I am a pack rat. Faced with the prospect of cleaning out years of accumulation (ours, my parent’s and my aunt’s), I grow weak in the knees.

How come I had never heard the expression pack rat? It explained itself from the rest of the sentence.

Now for brownout. This is one I found at Millie Garfield‘s blog, in which she explained that she had been unable to connect to the Internet for a while, because of brownouts…
I had no idea that that’s what those were called. Of course, I was familiar with blackouts, but brownouts, a milder version, no doubt, I didn’t know. And yet, we do have those lower levels of electricity happening here, they are supposedly what shortens electric bulbs lifespan and get halogene lamps to burn out faster.

Finally, I just wanted to signal Some Christmas logodaedaly a post by Autolycus, which really cracked me up, a sheer heaven of new words,
Incidentally, looking up Autolycus, I found that it meant “lone wolf” in Greek. Correct me if I am wrong 😉


10 thoughts on “Words: pack rat and brownout

  1. I just picked the name up as a way of allowing myself to write a blog without any other theme, overlooking the fact that Shakespeare’s Autolycus was a “snapper up” of other people’s property. It never occurred to me (and I think A Winter’s Tale was a set book at school!) that Shakespeare was making a Greek pun when he named Autolycus – thanks for that. You don’t know how appropriate that makes the name, but that’s another story.

  2. I’m a little lost with all the erudition. Like I wrote on Autolycus, “whatsiwhosit” is a BIG word for me. I’m not even sure if I spell it right, and I certainly can’t pronounce the Hs…But I will try Word A Day suggested by tut-tut. The problem will probably be with whom to use it. Well… now that I peruse blogs, I can send faraway people to a dictionary without anyone throwing it at me!

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