Wednesday Window: purple and dewy


laced with morning dew

Don’t ask me what this is! Actually, maybe one of you gardeners out there will know.
I took this photo, back in November in Vexin, in toli‘s garden.

Update: between Monica and Peggy, who calls herself a Very Lazy Gardener, we got the name! Echinops or globe thistle it is. Thanks, Mesdames!


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: purple and dewy

  1. Oh Claude can I ask you please to send me a copy of this picture for my own personal use. Blue is absolutely my favourite colour.

    You have made my January blues go away today.

  2. It’s probably Echinops ritro or blue globe thistle. Mnémoglyphes had a picture of one years ago and I looked it up then.

  3. This is going to sound funny but I saw the photo and my first thought was that it looked just like this thing I’ve got that I use to dust my ceilings except it’s green. I might take a photo and send it to you, Claude. It is, as always, a lovely photo, Claude.

  4. We’ve got loads of that in our garden. It’s Echinops or globe thistle. They are pretty for flower arrangements and very hardy! You got a beautiful shade of blue on that one.

  5. By clicking accidentally on WEDNESDAY WINDOW under today’s title, I was able to access each WEDNESDAY since the first one (January 10, 2007). I don’t know how to thank you. I feel that you have sent me a letter a week, with sensational photos, comments from your friends, fascinating slide shows, and links to the world. I’m reading each post slowly, savouring your presentations. I have much to discover yet with the internet, but I doubt anything would ever equal this gift. Merci du fond du coeur!

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