45 seconds on France24

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by people from France 24, a French channel I had never heard of before, ignoramus that I am 😉
I got word that the interview, or what was left of it after editing, would be aired today.
I recorded it on the English version of France24 and am posting it here.
Don’t get excited, as I only appear for less than 45 seconds at the end of the extract. Notice that they are using the word “elders”.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=600649&dest=-1]

I have posted the French version on my French blog, Vieux, c’est mieux


24 thoughts on “45 seconds on France24

  1. Claude, that’s wonderful! It was so nice to see you in motion and to hear your voice. I agree with you, of course. Blogging has definitely expanded my world!

  2. Claude, I just noticed your mention in the sidebar of Blossom Dearie. I was fortunate enough to see her sing back in the 80’s; she came to our NC Museum of Art in concert with 2 men (I can’t remember their names) and they were fabulous!

  3. Oh wow, I’m impressed! You look great and like a professional, Claude. (Like the longer hair too)
    Hmm, but now I’m wondering if we’ll still get together for dinner in May when I’m in Paris. I hope the “celebrity status” won’t go to your head….lol
    Great segment and thanks for sharing.

  4. It was wonderful to see you moving, smiling…to hear your voice. I can’t believe that I really met you in person! Now I’m running to your French blog for a repeat…

  5. Fantastic! It was nice to see you laughing and smiling. I like the longer hair as well. It’s flattering. I also love your big window! It brings in so much light!

  6. I loved it! I’ve read your blog for a while (first time commenter) and it was really nice to hear your voice and see what you look like. You are like my little secret life in Paris. 🙂

  7. Bravo, Claude. You did a good job and made bloggers look like what they are- interesting people. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing you out and about in Paris and also commenting on Ken and Walt’s blogs.

    My brother who is 72 (my elder by 10 years) finally has discovered the internet where google is his second love after the newspaper sites.


  8. Claude, I was hoping for more like 15 minutes of fame for you, as Andy Warhol put it, instead of 45 seconds, but taking into account your celebrity in the pages of Le Monde and the Wall Street Journal, you may be getting there cumulatively. And oh by the way, you look absolutely marvelous.


  9. Brilliant – I just popped in to catch up and there you were, happy, smiling and thoroughly enjoying yourself. ‘Lang may your lum reek’.

  10. Hi Claude,

    I love the array of photos in your banner. It’s a terrific way to see how time works. And all within memory. How strange. I was wondering how such an “elder” looks so young. Wait a minute. Darn. We’re about the same age. 🙂 It was nice to meet you on your blog. If you are interested in reading my observations about life writing stop by my blog: Memory Writers Network

    Best wishes,

  11. Oh this is lovely, Claude! It’s so true that going online enlarges your world. Even though I don’t have a blog, I feel so much more connected because of my amazon profile and friends there. I wish there were someone here in the States helping elders specifically to get online, as this young man is doing. And I also must say thanks for Vieux, c’est mieux. I’m planning a trip to France in June and I go to your French blog to practice listening to French. I’m a little too chicken to write this post in French but may work up my courage to try it soon!
    Sara 🙂
    Words Can Be Music

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