Quilting in Paris, and elsewhere

No, no, I am not referring to myself! I am still hopeless at manual things and to be perfectly honest, as I am hopeless, they tend to get on my nerves. BUT I am quite able to enjoy and admire the work of talented people.
One of my good friends, Fazou, is a wizard at lots of things –cooking, knitting, embroidery… you name it, she can do it– belongs to a quilting association and hree times a year, I attend her quilting meetings and take photographs. I really enjoy seeing all those wonderful hands at work.
Now last week was somewhat special as Paris Patch, Fazou’s quilting association held a public exhibition at Mairie du VIème, right across the street from Eglise Saint-Sulpice.
I took quite a few photos there, chose some with Fazou and did this slideshow. The music is Mussorgsky‘s Pictures at an Exhibition by Brigitte Ungerer.
[blip.tv ?posts_id=610920&dest=-1]

Now, when I uploaded my photos on flickr, one of my flickr friends,
Nonie Vogue
, who is a quilter herself, liked it and we exchanged several mails. Nonie Vogue, a Canadian 84-year-old artist, photographer and quilter, among other things that I don’t know about her 😉 said

nonie.jpg A couple of years ago, I joined the quilt Guild in Langley, after seeing one of their shows…. but I was disappointed to see that 99% of the quilting was done by machine! … not by hand as I am accustomed to doing.
Right now I am working on a Double Irish Chain scrap quilt… all sewn together by hand. My sewing machine is sitting in my clothes cupboard… it is a portable, but I can’t lift it… and there really is no room to set it up on my dinette table… so I am doing it the way my Mom (and my Grandmother) did… all by hand.
My Grandma was a tailoress. (Not sure if there is such a word, but you will know what I mean).

Rose of Sharon Quilt by Nonie Vogue

Here’s a link to the photos Nonie Vogue took of her quilts.
On my French blog, I mentioned that a couple of my favourite quilts at the Paris exhibition were made by Georgette Meyer, a ninety-two year old quilter, who moved from painting to quilting and Nonie commented:

nonie.jpg I went into an art material store a couple of years ago, where both my husband and I had dealt for years. John, the owner, asked if I saw the woman that had just left the store. When I said “yes”, he said:
“She’s in her eighties and still painting!” I said “John, how old do you think I am?” I was 82 at the time! I guess people think that when you get past 70 you are supposed to sit in a rocking chair and watch TV! Well, I have the new fangled TV, hanging on my wall… large size…. and I turn it on maybe two or three times a week for some news, and usually turn it off again after about half an hour!

This is so true! People always expect elders to sit back and do nothing.
And when we are active, people will tell us that we are not old, that we are different! But we aren’t! People are just afraid of growing old themselves, so they are in denial.
I so wish Nonie Vogue and Georgette Meyer could meet!


16 thoughts on “Quilting in Paris, and elsewhere

  1. You’re almost on the verge of setting up a quilting contacts agency!

    But I imagine there are already no end of social networking sites for people who do different handicrafts: that’s where the internet really comes into its own.

  2. the lovely quilt video plus music answered my wish that you’d return to this form again. thank you also for noni vogue work. intrigued by her adaptation to handwork because the sewing machine is too heavy to lift!

    oh yes, i do wish that my activities would not be seen as “exceptionalism” just the way a curious person choses to live life in the aging lane!

  3. I would like to meet her, too… and especially you, dear Claude!

    You have done a fabulous job of documenting the quilt show, next best thing to actually being there.

  4. I don’t know where all those beautiful people (including you, Claude) get the talent and the energy to be so creative and active. Sometimes, all I do,in one day, is write my initials on the dust of the furniture. Of course I read, I listen to music, I think… Well, I think that I think…
    I looked at the three flickrs of Nonie Vogue. It’s marvellous! I also love the Mussorgsky, and the show. Thank you!

  5. My Grandmother was a tailoress and when my Grandfather was injured in the mines and stopped working at 40 she sewed for the village and they managed to raise 9 children. My mother inherited her love of sewing. Tailoress is just not PC these days so I keep on being told.

    Loved the quilts, we have an exhibition once a year at Beamish Museum and the handsewn ones always draw the biggest crowds. And yes its me, I thought today was Wednesday!!!

  6. I just love handmade quilts. I’ve always done crocheting, knitting and needle work, but never got into making quilts….and they are SO beautiful. Thanks Claude.

  7. I love making quilts. Its just that at this point in my life, there really isn’t much time for it. I’ve got a half made baby quilt all ready to be completed as soon as one of my boys tells me that there is going to be a new baby in the family.

  8. They are so beautiful! I have done a tiny bit of quilting but as Peggy says, there isn’t much time for it these days. I forwarded on to a friend who does beautiful needlework — and she forwarded it — so quilters in PA are loving Paris Patch!

  9. Oh what gorgeous quilts! And the rose one is truly a work of art. All done by hand.
    Quilting is one craft I’ve never tried. But I do admire home made quilts and all the creativity and time that goes into them.

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