Wednesday Window: freezing on Pont Alexandre III


I took this photo at Pont Alexandre III. It was absolutely freezing as you can see from the photographer’s clothes.
No wonder those models are so skinny, just working in this kind of weather makes you lose calories!

Photographing a model
She must have had goose bumps underneath those thin leggings!

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: freezing on Pont Alexandre III

  1. Interesting shot! I enlarged the photo and the tip of her ears are very red. The poor girl!
    I clicked at Pont Alexandre 111 and discovered, on flickr, the beautiful head of the young girl listening to a shell. I contoured her face gently with one finger. So much perfection. Thank you for seeing it, Claude.

  2. Those tights are a hoot! I guess some of those models really earn their money; but I’d like to see them posing on the Michigan Avenue Bridge in downtown Chicago in that outfit right now. They’d have to stop shooting to knock the icicles off their noses.

  3. I CAN remember being that thin, but I didn’t appreciate it back then because it wasn’t fashionable to be that thin in 1955….LOL

    Good thing she had ankle warmers on.

  4. It’s why models get the big bucks — being able to put on a “Palm Beach smile” on January day requires strength. Count on that there’s a big container of coffee and a warm coat nearby!!!! I love this photo!!!!

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