Toys are my pleasure

My bruised handSee this? It’s my right hand recovering from a two and half day hospital stay. Don’t worry, I am –almost– fine. I went of my own free will to check up on all sorts of things, mainly because my doctor doesn’t like the way my cholesterol count and my blood pressure are acting up. I was really lucky, because I fell into the hands of a particularly motivating team who convinced me that my health in the years to come, was right there, in my hands. I was tested right and left for all sort of things and when I got out, with a few good resolutions that I have started to put into effect and intend to keep, –not too many of them, or else I won’t be able to stick to them 😉 — I felt I needed a treat.

A new toy At Christmas, on my daughter’s suggestion, Santa brought her one of those Nintendo DS Lites, and to my surprise, she and her boyfriend, both very young, started on a brain training programme, you know, the Japanese doctor’s programme, I keep calling the poor man Kawasaki, but when I have reduced my brain age from 80 (that was two days ago) to 20 (which will probably never happen) I will be able to remember his real name. Anyway, Julie started on the Japanese doctor’s programme and aims at keeping her brain at 20 forever 😉 And so does her boyfriend. They’ve been faithfully doing it every day since Christmas day!
They tried to talk me into buying one, but I sort of thought that blogging was plenty brain exercising for me. But they had planted the seed! As you know, I am a sucker for gadgets and electronic games and it didn’t even take me two months to go and get one.
On my first attempt, my brain was registered at 80, and two days later, I am at 58. I find the whole thing hilarious, and I did my first sudoku ever, with only three errors, when up to now, I have been unable to even understand the concept!
So there I am, trying to exercise my body and my brain and find time for blogging and photographs too.

21 thoughts on “Toys are my pleasure

  1. Oh, I will be busy for a couple of days so won’t blog till Sunday.

    My you are the ‘sly’ one – nicking off and leaving us wondering – not worrying if you had told the truth – you are forgiven for your white lie.

    Stay well.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. Although I try doing sudoku from time to time I’m really beginning to feel my brain is getting old. It’s when you go somewhere in the house and forget why you went there: you can no longer keep several activities going at once: you put things away ‘in a safe place’ and can’t remember where you put them . . . .
    Think I need some brain training too.

  3. Claude,

    Are you sure those tests are really serious? ’cause I can’t imagine a 80-year-old cholesterol-treated woman buying a DS…

    (I let you define which exams I’m talking about 😉



  4. @ Mrs K, when I wrote that, I hadn’t decided whether I would mention the hospital bit 😉 So, sly I was…
    @ The Beaver, une excellente citation ! Quand on vieillit, tous les cerveaux ajoutés sont les bienvenus
    @ sablonneuse, you should see me getting ready to go out! I misplace and forget everything 😦 Not sure the Nintendo will help me! Mind you I have already misplaced –or lost– one of the styluses (styli?)
    @ Yo, oh dear! THe hospital tests are dead serious, if I may say so, but the other ones… let’s say that as long as they keep me amused, they can’t really hurt, can they? 😉

  5. Take care, dear friend. I thought something medical was going on when you went L.O.A. I hope all’s well. Meanwhile challenge your gray cells. Please don’t rise too high. I couldn’t follow you. My own level has reached saturation point…

  6. Welcome back. But I can’t help thinking life’s too short, not only to stuff a mushroom, but also to do Sudoku. I do occasionally have a go at Futoshiki, because there’s a logic to start you off, but Sudoku strikes me as just endless trial-and-error.

  7. Not unusual that you came out of the hospital bruised. It’s just normal that a patient would come out black and blue! And did they wake you in the middle of the night to take your blood pressure?

    Did they tell you to cut out all the good stuff like ice cream, pastry and chocolate? That’s tough love.

    I haven’t tried any of those games – It’s hard enough for me to concentrate when I play Mah-Jongg!

    Take care and stay out of the hospital.

  8. @ Autolycus, I actually enjoy problem solving in general, and I am great at doing totally useless things and enjoying it 😉 I did my second sudoku yesterday and actually found it easier.
    @ Millie, I’ve never played Mah-jongg! About my blood pressure, I actually slept the entire night with a contraption to took my blood pressure every now and then. How I managed to sleep at all, is totally beyond me!
    I see you have even less faith in the medical profession than I do!

  9. Claude, I was so sorry to hear about your hospital stay.
    Sure hope you’re doing okay and things will begin to improve for you.
    I don’t know if it’s just me….but your sidebar is way over in the middle of your page, and it’s imposing on your writing, making it very difficult to read, as everything is superimposed on the text.

  10. @ naomi, no one had called me “you younger folks” for the longest time! 🙂 I’ll look you up on flickr!
    @ terri, I went for a check up of my own free will, and it was a good idea, considering what they unearthed 😉

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  12. Maybe I was thinking faster at 20, but honestly, I felt much more intelligent at 40. And even today (I’m almost 50). I would never dream of getting back my 20-year-old brain !

  13. Claude,
    Sorry to belatedly learn of your hospitalization. I hope all is well now. When people ask me how I keep busy in retirement, I point to my calendar and my wife’s. Both are jammed with doctor’s appointments.

  14. @ Ed, when talking about a 20-year-old brain, I don’t mean the contents of a 20-year-old brain, but the speed!
    @ Shirl, don’t make fun of me, please 😉
    @ Mort, thanks for your concern, but no worry, I’m faithfully working on my exercise programme and will lower my cholesterol count… hopefully. If not, it does me good anyway! 😉

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  16. Belatedly learning of your recent hospital stay. So glad you’re home now. Now I understand the emphasis on exercise in later blogs as I worked my way backward to here.

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