Wednesday Window: A view of Lake Léman


Last week, with my friend Liliane, we were lucky enough to enjoy fantastic weather during a two-day trip to Geneva and Lausanne, only a few hours from Paris these days on the TGV.

Walking along the lake at Ouchy
Walking on the bank of Lac Léman, in Ouchy

It was really a magic afternoon, with the mist on the lake and the snowy Alps in the background. Even the winter trees looked good!

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: A view of Lake Léman

  1. Oh Claude – I love everything about this picture! The beautiful water, the walk way over the water, the trees, the (snow capped?) mountains in the background. And are those ducks? Beautiful!

  2. “O temps! suspends ton vol…”
    As soon as I saw your photo, I thought of Le Lac de Larmatine.
    “Ne pourrons-nous jamais sur l’océan des âges
    Jeter l’ancre un seul jour?”

    With the poet, you illustrate so well the desire of our hearts to retain forever a moment of beauty.

  3. It’s LAMARTINE, of course! Your poor hand was bruised by cruel needles, Claude. It will go away, after a while. I suffer from stiff, old fingers mixing up the letters on the keyboard. I think it’s permanent…

  4. A marvelous photo, Claude, as usual. When we were in Switzerland in 2006, we only saw Zurich, but we took the train to Paris and saw a lot of the countryside. It is beautiful!

  5. Thanks everyone
    @ Terri, I cannot see the same as you on my computer, but I had an idea and think/hope I fixed it. Let me know if I did or not. Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

  6. Beautiful beautiful! It has an Asian/Oriental look somehow even though I know it is not. It seems it could be in China somewhere…like a Chinese painting with its spareness and the birds and the bare trees, with the misty mountains.

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