Wednesday Window: knocker


Racking my brain and going through my
flickr photostream and wondering what I could show you through my Wednesday Window, I came across this knocker.


How do you like a door element for my weekly window? I photographed this one a couple of weeks ago, while in Geneva.


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: knocker

  1. I enjoy unusual door knockers like this beautiful one.

    The word “knocker” is a slang for boob in the US, so I was curious to when I first saw your Wednesday window word:-)

    Good luck with your walking. I’m just your age and I try and do some fast walking most days also. Once I get moving I’m fine, but the getting going is the hard part.

  2. We don’t have a door knocker or a bell. Visitors have to use their knuckles.

    I would like a big Neptune door knocker though it would look out of place here. I imagine that this is on the door to the Ancient Mariner’s Society or Cousteau Society or retired admiral’s home.

  3. That’s why I like studying houses/buildings when i travel in Europe. So many interesting and beautiful pieces that one can appreciate or would dream of owning :-). Un gros merci Claude

  4. Now I know what a knocker is…Very, very, very inviting, Claude.
    Seriously, whenever I look at your flickr, I’m always so impressed by the beauty and the originality of your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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