Elderblogger exercise ?

I woke up this morning to 18 comments on my previous post, an update about my progress in following my exercise plan. So thanks everyone for your unabating encouragements. I feel refreshed after this show of friendship and support.

Now, one comment really struck home, coming from Naomi at A Little Red Hen

She wrote:

very impressive, claude. I am unable to do regular exercise. we have health space in the complex but find the bike as boring as you describe.

On the other hand, is it possible that you are on to an idea i had a few years ago? that people form an online exercise support group…

And that last sentence has been running around in my brain while I was walking my 12,000 in misty, foggy Paris. So much so that I haven’t taken one single photo today!

What, how, where?I was on no idea whatsoever, Naomi, just seeking comfort with my friends, but wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we, elder bloggers who do need more exercise, from the ones who never walk to the ones who are expert joggers, marathonians and what else, what if we created a space where we could find encouragement and help. Nothing judgmental, but as Naomi described it, an elderblogger online exercise support group…

At the moment, I have no idea how to set this up. Maybe in the form of a cooperative blog?
Or a forum –no idea how to run a forum either– what about putting our elder brains together and coming up with something?
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. If no one suggests anything, then I’ll know that now is not the right time.


13 thoughts on “Elderblogger exercise ?

  1. I want to join, although I don’t know what I’m joining. I’m supposed to be walking much more and much more often than I do. Strolling along twice a day while my dog sniffs the neighborhood is not aerobic enough. But I just don’t. I’m thinking of getting a treadmill, but I suspect it will just take up space and make me feel even more negligent by being there and me not using it. I always feel better after I exercise, so why don’t I do it more often?

  2. I think the idea of mutual support is excellent but can’t come up with any practical suggestions as to how to get something up and running.
    I’m only too aware that if I could only be more active I just might lose a few kilos and that would be good for the knees etc. It’s a case of lack of willpower . . . . . .

  3. I need to exercise more, but I am a poor candidate for a group because I can always find an excuse not to do it. Mr. kenju and I are trying very hard to go to our health club 3 times per week, though, and we do water aerobics. I recommend them, if you have a pool.

  4. I volunteer to follow everyone’s progress and to clap hands. I can only walk slowly now, often with a cane, because I suffer from vertigo (inner-ear problem). To encourage you, Claude, I’ll reveal that I lost 45 lbs, 8 years ago, with a nutritional and exercise program. It was a question of life or death. I had sleep apnea. I had to use CPAP to sleep at night. I had angina and shortness of breath. I needed to lose weight in order to have a triple bypass. Both parents died at 64 after a heart attack. Scary! I had the surgery in 2004.

    I’m 78 and I’m fine now. No more angina, S.O.B. or cholesterol. I’m maintaining the weight loss and a normal B.P. with low fat diet and pills. You get used to it. I walk everyday about 1 hour (except in snowstorms!) If I had done the program BEFORE the problems became acute, I would not have needed the surgery. I’m saying all this in public so that everyone sees how necessary it is to organize a Health Program and TO FOLLOW it. You’re never too young or too old to start. Bonne chance!

  5. Yes, a support group would be good. Accountability to myself should be good enough, but maybe to account to others would be more effective for me. A friend gave me a stationary bike in late summer ’07, but then an unexpected medical problem kept me from using it. I now can do so, but just haven’t gotten started. I haven’t been very successful for too many years in just getting out and walking, except when I occasionally visit a friend who lives just far enough away to be too far for regular walking — it’s wonderful then though, as we walk scenic paths along the ocean.

    I’ve thought, too, for many years, especially the older I get, I might investigate a group for Tai Chi, but I want the activity in the evening(at least once I begin working part time again soon,)and the classes all seem to be daytime.

  6. Yogamum (http://yogamum.wordpress.com/) set up a yoga support Ning community (http://woyopracmo.ning.com/) which is very lively and helpful place for those who want to practice yoga in their homes. Originally, the idea was a contest to motivate the members to do yoga every day in January. We all had so much fun, that we’ve stuck around into February. There is a very diverse group of yoga people here: beginners (me) to experienced teachers. If you want I can set up a contact between you and Yogamum, just let me know (virtualredtent at yahoodotcom).

  7. Ladies, I have a dentist appointment this morning and it’s a beautiful day in Paris, after two miserable rainy days, so after the dentist, I’m off to walking with my camera. But I will set up a cooperative blog this evening and will keep you posted. If you have any ideas as to a good name that would include the words elders, exercise and support, please comment 😉

  8. Hey, I found a bike supplier for ‘the bike’ in the UK, only one company – took bit of tracking down on the net – but order in and its on its way. As I sit on it pedalling away I shall be singing ‘fat bottomed’ girls (if I have any breath left) (Queen) and watching the Queen video. Thanks Claude for being.

    PS The ‘Question’ Mark is a good photo anyway – so I don’t mind missing Wednesday proper.

  9. @ savtadotty, because you are like everyone else 😉 Find it difficult to move! I know I do. I have to kick myself every day.
    @ same to Sablonneuse
    @ kenju, I could not face going to a health club so I admire you for that!
    @ Joared, of course accountability to ourselves should be enough, –in a perfect world full of perfect people!– but this is just what I’m not, (perfect)
    @ lilalia, I will have to have a closer look at that site, thanks for the tip
    @ Mrs K, I’m glad to have been of help. And there is a Wednesday Window on line 😉

  10. Hello Claude

    I have not commented here for about 3 years, but suffice to say that I recall how you set up your mast photo-time-line! I really like this idea of a cooperative blog to support those who are trying to keep well against a number of odds. I would like to participate, if I may. Knowing that you are off having unmentionable things done inside your mouth, I have jotted lots of ideas for a name on a piece of paper. You suggested the words elders, exercise and support. I am about to turn 60. I’ve had open heart surgery and a tumour removed involving a complete hysterectomy. I take 10mg of Coversyl a day for high blood pressure, half an aspro to thin my blood and 20mg of Simvastatin for high cholesterol. The important factors that support my wellness are walking, eating, laughing and loving. That is my suggestion for a name: W E L L.

  11. reading all these comments is quite a journey. thank you all for your openness on the struggle to do “what we’re supposed to.” now that my casual remark has sparked claude’s enthusiasm and action, three of us have begun the dive into the new venture, Elderexercise.

    welcome to others of you. yours with hopes for change, naomi

  12. Oh gosh…like many others here, I’d be interested in this group effort. And like others, I don’t exercise nearly enough!
    Exercise is good for the brain, as well as the body….so count me in. I’ll keep checking back here for info.

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