Wednesday Window: last kiss of winter?


Last kiss of winter? (by Claudecf)
Last kiss of winter?

How I wish it were.
Every year, in one of the public gardens in my neighbourhood, this tree is the first to bloom. As I don’t know anything about trees, I can’t tell you what these blossoms are, but every year, they have the same effect on me. Spring might be round the corner… Or not!


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: last kiss of winter?

  1. C’est si beau! Grâce à toi, je sens le printemps qui s’approche…même avec la neige qui tombe, et le vent froid qui hurle.

  2. I know just how you feel! Over here, we have daffodils and forsythia and several flowering trees in bloom – but tonight it is going back into the 20’s and tomorrow will be very chilly. We get a taste of spring and then a blast from the artic!

  3. Even here in Florida we are having a cold snap – in the 30’s tonight! It is supposed to warm up this weekend.

    Would you believe I haven’t been in the pool since I came down in December.
    I know you feel bad for me. 😉

    Maybe I’ll put on a bathing suit in March. I live in hope!!

  4. Almond eh, very interesting. Well we don’t get any of those around here but we did have -18°C this morning with a wind chill of -27.

  5. Claude this picture is uplifting for me- living in Montreal. It is -17 C ( feels like -21C) this morning and we are expecting some more snow over the WE ( so far + 275 cm of accumulation since November). It is going to be bitterly cold tonight. Monica we are in the same boat 🙂

  6. Must have been thinking in French when I wrote my first comment! I do that with my friends sometimes…
    We have the same weather in Toronto than Beaver has in Montreal. Your tree is the promise of Spring. I need to believe that it’s coming.
    Beautiful photo!

  7. Oh this is lovely! We have cold weather here in Pennsylvania but today there was sun and I could feel spring stirring…gathering its nerve to poke through…

  8. Hi Claude,
    Friday afternoon, a good time to catch up with my favorite blogs…
    and always loving your pictures.
    I have an idea for your exercise motivating blog group.
    The same idea as the “drawing once a week” group where different artists post their drawing of the same given subject on the same day.
    Your members could go for a walk, once a week, with the goal of taking a picture with a given subject, easy like “a tree” or more challenging like “a panda”…
    have a good w-e

  9. The tree is gorgeous.
    I agree with Millie….even Florida is getting quite a few cold snaps.
    Hopefully, by the time I arrive in Paris on May 1….spring will also have arrived.

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