More exercise!

scotland, elderly people crossing (by wildvogel)I mentioned here, the other day, that Naomi had suggested an exercise support group.

Well, it’s one of the reasons I have been pretty silent here at Blogging in Paris, because we were busy setting it up.
I got tips from Ronni at Time Goes By, who pointed me to several online existing exercise sites, but finally decided that we were going to give a try to a collaborative blog.
It’s up and running, and at the moment there are four of us there.
It’s called ElderExercise.
You can come and have a look, if you wish, but as we cannot have it grow too fast, because we are really playing this by ear, and sometimes don’t know exactly what the difficulties are, you can only join by invitation.

In other words, we’d like it to develop but at a reasonable rate! 😉
I you do want to be part of this experiment, send a mail to elderexerciseATgmailDOTcom, stating your name, your age, the url of your blog if you have one, and get ready to create a wordpress username and to tackle a few difficulties, you know, the kind you encounter when you deal with a new blog.

As I said before, writing and commenting is only for members, so if you have any questions and are not a member of ElderExercise, you’ll have to ask them here or write to the address I mentioned above.

Thanks to wildvogel on flickr for the photo.


6 thoughts on “More exercise!

  1. Thanks, kenju for your encouragements! I know there are certain things I wouldn’t do either, like joining a dieting club! It would drive me crazy.
    In fact, it did in the past!
    And I won’t much talk about exercising here at Blogging in Paris, there was just no way I could have people know about elderexercise, as it’s a private blog.

  2. I wish you all the best. It’s hard but with friends it will be much easier. Hope you’re having a lovely time with your daughter, Claude. Mes meilleurs voeux!

  3. Bonne chance to all of you exercisers! You’ve inspired me to do better, even though I know I can’t keep up with a blog. I’ve ordered a mini trampoline (something that I’ve enjoyed in the past, on really cheap trampolines) and am planning to use this indoors now that I have space to store it. Also bought a cheap pedometer (at least it’s a start) to monitor steps just during my daily routine. It’s one that does not require complicated setting in order to use it — the thing that was stopping me with my old one.

  4. @ Sara, it was smart to buy a cheap pedometer, no reason for an expensive one, they are all very unreliable and stop working while you’re walking. I have two cheap ones, which I wear on each side of my pants, and up to now, have never had both of them stop working at the same time 😉
    A trampoline! Wow! Something I’ve never even thought of! Keep us posted!

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