Wednesday Window: An Art Nouveau door


Door and window (by Claudecf)
Art Nouveau door

I’m doing something that I almost never do, posting the same photo at my French blog, Vieux, c’est mieux!!! (elder is better!!!) and here for my Wednesday Window, but I thought this door, 129 29 avenue Rapp, was worth seeing.
The architect, Jules Lavirotte, a tenant of Art Nouveau, built a number of Paris buildings, that I intend to go and photograph on my daily walks, just because this one is so amazing.
When one looks at the façade, it’s incredible because there is not much, actually almost nothing, symetrical in it.
For a large view of the façade, click here, sorry about the traffic lights, which really spoil the view, but no one asked me before putting them there!
For more details about the building, click here

I’m off to London tomorrow morning, so my blogging might still be pretty irregular over the next week, depending on time, inspiration (pretty scarce these days, and Wifi connection).


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: An Art Nouveau door

  1. I am speechless – and that’s a first for me.

    Wrong time of year to visit London in someways, but not as many tourists at this time of year.

    Cafe Du Amis Du Vin, Long Acre, Covent Garden is a favourite haunt of mine.

  2. Thanks, everyone! When I get back from London, I’ll go hunting for more buildings by this Lavirotte! The other ones are supposed to be quite amazing too.

    @ mrs k, I like it in London this time of year. Last year was exceptional. I spent my last day, walking along the streets wearing a t’shirt!
    I’m afraid it won’t be like this, this year. But, more museums to discover for me!

  3. LOVE this building! I am a real fan of art nouveau — have always wanted to go to see the Antonio Gaudi buildings in Barcelona which are even more fantastic. I will have to look these up when I am in Paris — thank you!

  4. Paris really did have some of the most gorgegous art deco public works… I’m thinking of the metro stations.
    Exercise? I’ve found that listening to audio books on iPods makes it go very quickly. But good for you to find a group way to do this!!! Have a good time in London.

  5. Do you really have Art Nouveau in subway stations, in Paris? Nothing “artful” in ours, although they try sometimes…

    I saw the details of this building on your French blog. I’m still dreaming of renting la lucarne…

    Bon Voyage. Can’t wait to see your London photos.

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  7. If you look at the design upside down it is remarkably like a penis. This was an intentional addition by Lavirotte, which makes it funny when people manage to see past the design and go all doe eyed

  8. Lovely photo, but I’m afraid you’ve posted the wrong address. Check the photo, it’s 29 Avenue Rapp, not 129. Thanks, Dave

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