Dickens Museum


After the British Library, I had decided that I’d go and visit Dickens’s house. At least one of his houses, which has been turned into a museum.
It’s on Doughty street, and now, I know that it’s not far at all from the British Museum or from the British Library for that matter. But when I left the BL, it took me forever to finally find Doughty Street. I’ve probably already confessed that I can’t read a map, so I have to rely on people’s kindness, knowledge of the neighbourhood, and their ability to explain.
I can tell you that they made me walk one way and another till I was ready to give up 😉

Then, did this sign appear!

Doughty Street

Doesn’t it look like Dickens put it up there himself?

I had read about Dickens Museum at Autolycus, and found that he had been quite accurate!

Dickens Museum façade

It’s quite an interesting place, full of memorabilia, furniture from his times


the sitting-room

and in the basement, they show a short film about Dickens’s life and times.

Dickens Museum

The basement walls are covered with books by Dickens

I got in, bought my ticket and as I was starting my visit, this grandfather clock, which was here at the time of Dickens started to chime


starting to go back in time

I encourage you to find this museum which is, as the person who sold me the ticket put it, tucked in, as I said that I had found it hard to locate!

Do have a look at the Dickens Museum site. You get an interesting virtual visit of the house!

8 thoughts on “Dickens Museum

  1. @ Autolycus, I asked if photos were allowed and she said they were. But you got a photo of that bench with the ball at the BL, that I didn’t have the nerve to take because there was this huge man sitting on it! 😉

    @ kenju, you have mentioned the photos not showing problem several times, I wonder if it has to do with flickr. Have you tried to click the photos? That might help…

  2. Couldn’t comment on this post until I had seen everything. I learned English reading Dickens, and watching some of his books on Masterpiece Theatre. I had married a British who couldn’t speak French. I just knew enough of his language to say: I do. A friend told me about Dickens. I struggled through him until his melodrama became quite gripping.

    I read Autolycus’ post on Dickens with great enjoyment. Yours, with your beautiful photos, and the virtual tour of his house, even deepened my admiration for the writer. I can’t believe that I saw his wine cellar, his wash house, his library,his sitting room, his piano, his writing desk…I’m exhilarated! I will visit often. Merci du fond du coeur!

  3. We’ve been to the Dickens House, Marc and I, and happily did our duty to the spirit of that turbulent ninteenth-century genius! Thanks for recalling those staid surroundings so far from Miss Havisham and Mr. Copperfield.

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