Fun times in London


Traditionally, when Elly, Leo and I get together, whether in Paris, London, or Norwich, we take a photo of the three of us together.
This year, Elly‘s photo wins the prize !

A fun time in London  (by E11y)
From left to right, Marie-Antoinette wigged Claude, Marge Simpson-like Elly, long-face Leo

It was taken, I think, at the National History Museum, last Sunday afternoon. The museum was incredibly crowded with people pushing prams, children running around, and general madness, but we did manage to secure a minute or two in front of those crazy mirrors.

My version of our group here
Some photos I took at the Natural History Museum in 2005 here


10 thoughts on “Fun times in London

  1. Both of you are just too, too creative with those cameras. What a great idea for a group photo. You have me looking around for funny mirrors for family photos.

  2. I can’t stop laughing! Elly’s glasses perched on top her elongated hairpiece! When I saw yours on flick, Claude, I wrote that you’re the three best looking people I ever met…in the strange world I live in!

  3. Brilliant – took me back to the fairground when we always went in as kids to the Hall of Mirrors – it cost an old penny for 10 minutes – the place was full of laughter.

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