Wednesday Window: sketching at the British museum


Sketching at the British Museum (by Claudecf)
Kneeling to get a better view

I am always fascinated by people sketching in museums, one of the reasons being that I am totally hopeless at drawing anything. That day at the British Museum, there were quite a few people sketching, and was really surprised to see one of these young men kneeling, no doubt to get a better view.
Isn’t that dedication?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: sketching at the British museum

  1. I, too, marvel at those people. I love art and envy those who have been blessed (anointed?) with that gift. You are an artist, too, Claude! You just use a camera. Photography is an art, too, and I enjoy you sharing your gift with us here.

  2. Very interesting to see your set of photos on your visit to the British Museum, and your link provides countless hours of enjoyment for people who cannot travel to London. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Could not get around to see ‘Wednesday’ till Friday.

    Too busy playing with the Decathlon bike which arrived from Birmingham Wednesday. Took all afternoon yo fit together – then I managed 3 minutes. $ minutes on Thursday nd 4 today. Claude, I cannot thank you enough for your help me getting a ‘fat=bottomed’ bicycle at a very reasonable price.

    The photo of the sketchers is a one-off and I keep on have another look.

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