In a shopwindow


This is just to show that I am a live and well 🙂
Just very busy walking and walking and walking without much inspiration to blog

Self-portrait (by Claudecf)

Rue du Bac, last week


8 thoughts on “In a shopwindow

  1. C’est un bel ensemble. Dispendieux? J’emmènerais bien la photographeuse pour un café au lait…sans croissant! Bonne marche! Oops! I was thinking in French…

  2. I’m so pleased that you posted. I was starting to be slightly concerned.

    Be patient about inspiration as spring is so close. Who can fail to be inspired by Paris in the springtime?

  3. @ Monica, I will, I hope
    @ kenju, my flash is turned off at all times. I only turn it on when it’s indispensible (almost never)
    @ Claudia, I understand both languages so it’s all right 😉
    @ Joy, thanks, although I would say ‘cute’ isn’t quite the word 😉
    @ Peggy, one of my blog friends, Gail from Gail at large told me that she sometimes posted a photo, just for her friends and family to know that she is well and alive! So I remembered that. Should do it more. No inspiration needed then…

  4. Even if you don’t feel like writing it’s good that you still post some photos. Walking is more important for your health and who knows what you’ll find if you keep your camera handy. . . .

  5. Finally getting a chance to pop by here….love this photo, Claude. And that’s super that you’re still doing all that walking. But….the question is…..are you getting ANYwhere? lol

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