Wednesday Window: Spider at Jardin des Tuileries


What's so interesting in that trash bag? (by Claudecf)
I wonder what’s in that white plastic bag

Not that spiders are really my cup of tea, but you have to admit that this huge sculpture by Louise Bourgeois is amazing.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: Spider at Jardin des Tuileries

  1. I was about to say spider eggs, too, but Peggy beat me to it!

    That spider must be very heavy, but it looks like a good stiff wind could knock it over!

  2. Remember the horrific spider in Lord of the Rings? I forget “her” name.
    But they aren’t all horrific — although this one’s size is a bit menacing…I went to a spider museum once and learned that only the brown recluse and the black widow are poisonous. They were hosting a school tour group, and all the kids were excited about standing in a circle on a shaggy rug and carefully passing an orange-kneed tarantula around, on carefully spread hands! Ever since, I have felt more sympathy with spiders…

  3. This is one I will give a miss. I just do not like it at all.

    We live sort of in the country and in an old house and spiders live with us – we very rarely see them – but we do see their webs. Spiders are OK and the do keep flies down, which I am all for, but that scuplture makes the spider look awful scary and unfriendly.

  4. As a little girl, in summertime, I would watch a spider for hours fascinated by the artistic weaving of a web. I have never killed one even when doing spring cleaning. I gently guide it out. Of course I have never been invaded by a great number of them. I have to admit that this spider scares me to death. I would not want to be entangled in her web!…

  5. i’m so happy you put this on her. i just went to the Louise Bourgeois exhibit at the pompidoem center (i’m pretty sure i’ve spelt that wrong) but anyway i’m on student exchange and living in versailles i leave in 3 weeks and i was sure there was a spider in paris, because i’ve seen the one at home in Ottawa. so now i must go see it before i leave 🙂 this is a great photo.

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