Spider and birds update


Sorry to have upset a number of commenters 😉 with my gigantic spider photo.
I am not all that fond of spiders myself, to say the least.
But one thing I didn’t mention and that you may not know if you’ve never been to Paris and to the Tuileries gardens, is that these gardens are the gardens outside the Louvre. So the buildings you can see in the background are on rue de Rivoli and if you could look beyond the spider, you would see the buildings of Le Louvre, with the Caroussel in the foreground.

A view of the Tuileries gardens (by Claudecf)

Taken in summer, the Tuileries, the Carrousel and Le Louvre

I have no idea if that spider is here to stay or if it’s a temporary exhibition, but believe me it is quite an incongruous sight in those surroundings.

As for the bird poop, years ago, I was walking in Cannes with my husband and suddenly felt something fall on my head, namely bird poop. I had rather longish hair at the time and it took a lot of shampoo to get rid of the horrid stuff. I can still remember my husband’s uncharitable snicker 😉
For those of you who might not understand why a lot of Parisians are not so fond of birds, in spite of their charming songs, here is an example of what they do

Almost smothered with poop

This door ornament is practically covered with poop


6 thoughts on “Spider and birds update

  1. Like you I’m not keen on spiders – in fact I’m pretty terrified of them. As a teacher I was worried in case anyone found out about my fear because you can imagine the fun the children could have had.
    One year my son gave me a birthday card with a picture of a big black spider on it as a joke. I shrieked and threw it across the room and didn’t dare pick it up again.
    It goes without saying my reactions are much worse if it’s a case of a real one.

  2. I adored the statue of the spider. I also liked the space that had been provided as a showcase. Birds are not my favourite though. They are beautiful and they are songful but they have to relieve themselves somewhere. Often, this seems to be on my poor little car. I did have to smile at the nose of the poor lion.

  3. Whenever you see a spider – you will find it is running away from you – think of it – the size of you and it – no wonder they run so fast. I don’t mind spiders at all, but I hate Daddy Longlegs (Crane flies) as they always make for you hair. Stupid things.

  4. I’ll have to check out that spider when I’m there in 3 weeks….and I’ll also try to bring over some Florida sunshine and warm weather.

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