Happy birthday, Ronni Bennett!

It’s this time of year again! Today, Ronni turns 67.

Blossoms (by Claudecf)
A bit of Paris sky and spring blossoms for your birthday

Ronni, I’m sending you a bit of April in Paris for your 67th birthday, together with my best wishes… Let’s hope that next year, we will celebrate your birthday in Paris 🙂
It’ll actually be better next year, as the weather has been pretty awful on the whole. It turned nice one day last week, just for time to allow me to take this photo.
Thanks for being a good friend and thanks for Time Goes By!
Happy birthday and many happy returns!

If you are visiting her, don’t forget to go to Ronni’s Time Goes By and wish her a happy birthday.

As a bonus for Blogging in Paris readers, Ronni was on Brian Lehrer Live last week and Naomi from A Little Red Hen saw the programme and commented it on her blog.
This morning, it appeared on Google video and here it is

Elder Blogger Ronnie Bennett


10 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Ronni Bennett!

  1. Glad to finally get to see this video as couldn’t pick it up off Lehrer’s web site in recent days. Unfortunately, the video here stopped at 15:21 so will have to check later to see the rest it said. Thanks Claude.

  2. I just came back and was able to see the whole video (it had stopped at 11:21 previously not 15:21 as I erroneously wrote.) Thanks again, Claude.

  3. Oh, WOW. Gorgeous blossoms. One of the things I didn’t take into consideration when I moved from New York City is how much farther north Portland, Maine is. Spring comes about three or four weeks later. There aren’t even buds on the trees here yet. No daffodils yet either.

    Wouldn’t a spring birthday in Paris be great! We’ll see. We’ll see.

    Thank you, Claude.

  4. thanks for having published this great vidéo!

    and I thought to be the only one not to see the tiny triangles on the new photoshop elements 6!

    she is great woman too!

    and yes, I am also to call black, jew, old, whatever by their names – so what? we are and we are not ashamed of it! perhaps young at heart and soul but not outside and the bones!

  5. I finally know what Ronni looks like! The video was wonderful to watch. Thank you for publishing it. I was particularly happy to see that Mr. Lehrer’s interview with Ronni didn’t feel rushed and that she had plenty of time to put her thoughts forward and make some important points for us oldies but still goodies.

  6. Love the Cherry Blossom. Outside my kitchen window the almond is in full bloom, it has withstood last weekend, snow, hail, rain, sleet, 70mph winds and sunshine. The full works and it is stull blooming lovely. (North East England – weather came from Siberia,North East winds – hoping for a change – so it comes from the West soon).

    Loved the video – thanks for putting it in.

  7. I had to laugh at your comment on Elements. I just lost Photoshop, so got Elements and HATED it for that very reason–the dark background. But then I actually found PhotoShop on Amazon that I could afford and bought it just because (a) I know PhotoShop, and (b) because of the damn dark background on Elements! (But at least now I finally have a legal, registered copy of Photo Shop.

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