Wednesday Window: 34 avenue Wagram


Art Nouveau street number
Art Nouveau street number

I recently showed you an Art Nouveau door which was Avenue Rapp.
The other day I saw another building by Jules Lavirotte, the same architect. Almost impossible to take decent photos of it because of the trees and of the traffic. It’s a hotel called the Ceramic Hotel, Avenue de Wagram at number 34.

Off to Norwich, UK tomorrow, so I don’t really know when and if I’ll be able to blog, depending on Internet connection.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: 34 avenue Wagram

  1. @ kenju, maybe flickr was down?
    @ wcs, ah, Walt many other beautiful views in the Cher Valley! Thanks!
    @ mrs k, I hadn’t seen it but now that you mentioned it, I can see the wise old face too 😉

  2. That building on Ave. Rapp was stunning! And I wondered why it looked familiar to me….then realized it’s near rue St. Dominique and the apt. we rented there last March.
    Have a safe journey over to Norwich and an enjoyable stay.

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