Wednesday Window: the Green Man


Let me tell you one thing first. Exercising is great but it takes time! Since I’ve been back, I am in the same predicament as before. I can’t find time for everything: fast walking, fast walking, stretching and the likes… they take forever. I enjoy the exercise and do feel much better, but time flies and when it comes to processing my photos and blogging… it’s really difficult.

Anyway, here we go for Wednesday Window. Last year, when in Norwich, I had photographed lots of bosses on the ceiling of the Cloisters at Norwich Cathedral. But hadn’t found the boss that is said to be the Green Man and had settled for this one.

The GreenMan (by Claudecf)

This year Leo gave me precise indications and even drew a map during our first Norwich dinner together, so I did find the Green Man


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: the Green Man

  1. That is such a coincidence! I had made a reference to The Green Man just last week! I didn’t have any lovely photos to illustrate as you do though.

  2. I’m learning a lot from your blog, Claude… I didn’t even know these Green Men existed! Keep them coming when you get the time 😉

  3. OOOOOH, super Green Man! (cross-eyed, very eerie!) I love the contrast between his skin and the gold leaves.
    Also love the picture of you and Elly and Leo! Looks like a nice place to eat — name? Since I may be visiting Norwich myself in June — one of my cousins lives there — I’ll tell you all about it when we get together in Paris!

  4. Great Green Man; very eerie, too, in a way.

    Regarding exercise, what about yoga? I love my class, and wouldn’t miss it for the world now. And having paid for the classes in advance, I certainly am motivated to attend!

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    @ Sara, I’ll ask Leo and Elly for the name of the place and will write to you.
    @ tut-tut, yoga never worked for me, always found it did no good to my back pains, but it works wonders for a lot of people. I prefer Feldenkrais lessons and stretching.
    @ Kenju, have a look at this wikipedia article

  6. At my last school we used to have Mayday celebrations – dancing round the Maypole, Morris Dancing etc. and the older boys always wanted to play the part of the Green Man – dressed in branches and playing the fool with full permission of the headmaster.
    I thought there were tales of finding Green Children long ago in Norfolk. They apparently had green skin, couldn’t communicate and were very fragile. I can’t remember whther they died or disappeared again, according to the legend.

  7. Continuous learning! I have a degree in architecture and I’m not sure I had ever heard of bosses before. Or, more accurately, that term for them. It’s amazing how much I learn about my native language from people who speak it as a second language. Cool.

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