Direct from Norwich


Photographed, cut out* and captioned by Leo Reynolds

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! (by Leo Reynolds)
There REALLY IS a Dummies book for everything.

* A cutout is a black & white image with a color element cut out of it.


5 thoughts on “Direct from Norwich

  1. I’m amazed when I visit the local commercial bookstore at all the “Dummies” books I see on various shelves addressing just about every topic imaginable — who knew how much they would catch on — all over the world, apparently. There just are lots of us “Dummies” out there as I’ve purchased a couple of those books myself.

  2. @ Joared, I have quite a few of them too!
    @ kenju, certainly not. I like my French citizenship, but I suppose that, given the fact that the UK and France both belong to the EU, I wouldn’t need to have dual citizenship, should I decide to move there. But it won’t happen. I love living in Paris and have all my roots here.
    @ wcs, which tends to prove that Leo IS right! There IS a Dummies book for everything 😉

  3. I have heard that the questions set for the British citizenship ‘exam’ are sometimes ridiculous – and many Brits wouldn’t know the answers either.

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