Wednesday Window: bald eagle


eagle (by Claudecf)
bald eagle at Banham zoo

I must admit I found him somewhat scary…
More of the photos I took at Banham zoo here, and a slideshow here

Update Thanks to Kenju for remarking on the absence of baldness of the bald eagle. 😉
A little googling brought me to the San Diego Zoo page, which says that

The term “bald” may be from the Old English word balde that meant white. Bald eagles are sometimes called American eagles, fishing eagles, Washington eagles, and white-headed eagles. They belong to a scientific grouping of eagles known as sea eagles or fish eagles that includes the Stellar’s sea eagle Haliaeetus pelagicus.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: bald eagle

  1. I think it was (a francophile) Ben Franklin who had suggested the turkey as the symbol of the USA…

    I always found that huge Bald Eagle rendering (bombs strapped on in its talons)on the front of the London, USA Embassy, to be scary in the extreme. This made Grosvenor Square an avoid zone when I was living there.

  2. Oh, Banham Zoo. Takes me back to visits with schoolchildren. The meerkats are my favourite. They didn’t have them when I last went though.

  3. I followed your kind suggestion, and visited (virtually) the Banham zoo thanks to your photo album. Now I really think that the spectacled owl looks like the Linux mascotte…
    I’m eager to discover the photos you will take at the Bourdelle museum 😉

  4. Hi Claude: I was thrilled to see an Eagle in the wild on my trip to Alaska two years ago. I’m sure I would have been petrified if I’d seen that face up close, though. What a great photo.

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