Wednesday Window: mermaid door handles


Door handles
One of Paris most expensive flower shops, Lachaume

This week, I am off to Normandy for a couple of days and didn’t have much time to upload photos on to
flickr. So here is one of my older photos, which I took rue Royale., that goes from Madeleine to Concorde and which has some of Paris most expensive and fashionable shops. Like Lachaume, where you can buy very expensive flower arrangements, or Ladurée, famous for their macaroons.
I won’t give you Lachaume’s website as it just crashed my Firefox a couple of times.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Window: mermaid door handles

  1. Wow – who would want to handle these handles and leave fingerprints. Hope the doors are automatic and the handles just decorative.

  2. I hadn’t realised it was a door. I thought it was an ornament standing on a table until Mrs K’s comment made me take a much closer look.

  3. Have fun in Normandy! I remember the beautiful crystal art doors of Lalique back in the late 70s in Paris, on their main store. They aren’t there anymore but they were so beautiful.

  4. To use these door handles, one must wear gloves, n’est-ce pas, like fine ladies? Thus avoiding the fingerprints…

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