New Words: whinging and grizzle


Catching up with the news at Living The Life in Saint-Aignan, I came across two new words. Two new words in a post aptly entitled More whinging and a comment!
It did look like whining, but I checked it out at the Free Online Dictionary, which gave

intr.v. whinged, whing·ing, whing·es Chiefly British
To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner.

Now do you whinge, pronounced like hinge, or do you whinge like a wing? Had to go back to the Free Dictionary to get the answer and you whinge like a hinge!

whinge like a hinge

As for grizzle, used in a comment by Chris, no satisfactory definition was found in the same dictionary so I googled it and came across acceptable definitions in Wordnet Search

# be in a huff; be silent or sullen
# whine: complain whiningly
# a grey wig

Obviously, the last definition is out!

Grizzling gorilla

Whinging or grizzling?


14 thoughts on “New Words: whinging and grizzle

  1. Grizzling in the North East of England, is a cross between whinging and nearly crying. Babies do most grizzling. Whinging not quite as bad as whining, but just as annoying

  2. @ Claudia: I think on a drawn-out basis, “whinge” is more “un-hinge” than hinge, don’t you think?

    Both these words are somewhat onomatopoeic, I feel. As is the Scots word ‘dreich’ (hint: describes weather; can you guess?)

    I follow your blog and your Tumblelog too. Both are amusing and interesting. Thanks.

  3. @ Shefaly — “dreich” is frequently used by Ian Rankin to describe Edinburgh weather — yes, very onomatopoeic, all these words!

  4. Like Mrs K, I agree it’s babies and toddlers who do the most grizzling ( and I’m from East Anglia). You whinge when you get older.

  5. Yes, I’ve always thought grizzling stops at around age 8, when the whinging begins. Except in the North of England, when it’s mithering and it’s non-stop…

  6. Hate to say this Autolycus, but mithering is used in Cumbria and Lancashire – top end and west. OK so its North, but West not East.

  7. Hallo Claude

    I stumbled across your blog while crawling the “travelog” tags. Your hinge picture is beaut! Words and pictures, I’m kind of into them too. BTW, I whinge like a hinge, but only when I’m feeling a bit crook 😉 From that, you might judge that I’m based down under.

    Seeya on the travel blogs,
    Mark Wordsworm
    Travelling worm and sometime bookmark

  8. Hallo, me again. In my previous comment, I forgot to include the most important part! Here in Oz, the British are affectionately known as “whinging Poms” 😉
    Travel well — the Travelling Worm

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