Fun and silly!


or should it be silly but fun?
Leo Reynolds found a new flickr group called Word Time, in which once a week, a new list of words comes out and you read them in front of your camera. The idea is to hear people throughout the world pronounce the same words with a different accent.

The words were: because, drawer, radiator, garage, aluminum, Subaru, New Zealand, herb, oregano, route.
One of my friends saw it and asked me what the point was.
Good question! There is no point really, I guess, but I think it’s fun!
So I did it, and before I knew it, it had been blogged at Flickr Blog.
Have to get ready for Week 2…


13 thoughts on “Fun and silly!

  1. I love it! I totally see the point… but I guess there must be a certain love for phonetics for this exercise to be of any interest!

  2. What a wonderful piece of serendipity. There is far too little of this in our lives and you have pointed this out with humour and a bit of poetry.

  3. I think this is a *great* idea!! I went to the site to hear the others, but unfortunately it lacked variety; they all seemed to be from the US and Canada. It would be lovely to hear phow eople from all around the world pronounce the list. Hmmm… OK, I’ll give it a go with my British ex-pat accent just as soon as I get the time! 😉

  4. Yes, fun! And I’d been wondering how to pronounce your last name, Claude, so now I know! Lovely hairdo as well…
    Words I would like to hear people pronounce:
    pillow roof hospital
    I am originally from the southern part of the state of Virginia and when I went to Richmond, VA, to college, those from other parts of the state found my pronunciation of those words quite amusing!

  5. That was fun! So nice to see you. You pronounced the words very well, though in British English aluminum is usually pronounced al-you-min-ym, with the stress on
    third syllable.

  6. Loved Susie’s way of writing the pronounciation of aluminium. For oregano, I would say o-re-GAH-no but I’m not sure whether I’ve ever heard it pronounced.

  7. What a great thing to do. I loved seeing you and hearing you pronouce those words. Most of the words were the way I would say them with the exception of aluminium. That’s a tricky one.

    Looking forward to week 2.

  8. I delight in hearing the accents of English being spoken in other languages. I wish I could hear words I might produce in another language as they would sound to a native speaker of that language I was attempting to pronounce, but alas, that seems not to be possible. Your English is incredibly clear and precise, Claude.

  9. Oh, how I loved that!!! I have a friend like yours, the one who asked why you did this. My friend is such a box. I enjoyed your pronunciation of radiator. I say ra-d-a-tur. But, I am a Southern girl. I would give anything to speak like you.

  10. claude, you keep on finding new ways to tap into this medium–admirable. loved hearing your voice again and the hairdo seems new. pretty.

    yours, naomi

  11. What fun! (yes, I’m enough of a word nerd to find this fascinating). Your pronunciations are a lovely mixture of American and British, with a tiny bit of French thrown in, as befits such a cosmopolitan person. And it was lovely to hear your voice.

  12. Finally getting around to catching up in the blog world.
    This was a really cute idea and Francophile that I am, I just loved hearing you pronounce those words with your French accent.
    BY the way……I just love, love, love your hair, Claude! VERY becoming and my goodness, how’d you lose 10 years?

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